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  1. riverratmike

    Wanted - Yamaha Rhino Shocks

    Just curious if anyone had any used OEM Rhino shocks laying around they'd like to sell. I'm in Havasu. New ones online are kinda pricy. Thanks.
  2. riverratmike

    Wanted - Yamaha Rhino Shocks

    Just curious if anyone had any OEM Rhino shocks laying around they'd like to sell. I'm in Havasu. Thanks.
  3. riverratmike

    Lost My Watercraft Title

    Ok, I know I'm screwed here. I need to sell my watercraft. Went to look for the title and it's nowhere to be found. What do I need to do to get a duplicate copy? I'd appreciate any help or info. Thanks.
  4. riverratmike

    In The Market For A New Pontoon Boat - Who Has The Best Deals In LHC?

    Been wanting to purchase new pontoon boat for a few months now. Giving up on the Waverunner and want something my friends and family can enjoy. Looked around today in LHC today but a lot of places were closed. Looking for a 18ft - 22ft with either a 100 - 150HP Mercury or Yamaha 4 stroke...
  5. riverratmike

    Wanted: Stock Maxxis Yamaha Rhino Tires

    If anyone has a set of 4 to sell. Please PM me. I'm in need of tires really bad on my Rhino. Thanks.
  6. riverratmike

    Parker Thanksgiving Weekend 2014 Pixs

    It was 5 days of sheer fun gone by in a flash. Weather was absolutly perfect! Put over 200 miles on the Rhino and went everywhere. Cooked burgers out in the middle of nowhere and it was a hit. Going to be doing that again for sure. Did a ride out to the Crashed F4, Swansea Town and Pumping Plant...
  7. riverratmike

    Parker Thunderstorm

    I usually don't post here much but just wanted to share these photos I captured last night at my house on the river. Wicked storm for sure. The lightning was mostly over the Whipple Mountains. It was just awesome to watch. I captured over 200 lightning bolts. So many photos to go through. Here...
  8. riverratmike

    Wanted 18mm- 55mm Canon Stock lens

    Just thought I'd throw this out there. Looking for a used Canon 18mm- 55mm lens for my Canon 60D or my T2i. My stock lens has so much dirt in it now it won't focus properly anymore. If anyone as one to sell please contact me. Thanks in advance.
  9. riverratmike

    Need Dock & Foundation Repair in Parker

    My boat dock and foundation have about had it. To many waves and erosion has occurred. It's almost to scary to walk out on the dock anymore. Everything is starting to sink. Not good! It's going to give out any day now. I really need to find someone in Havasu or Parker that does this kinda repair...
  10. riverratmike

    Parker C 130

    Anyone know what's the deal with the C 130 at the Parker airport? Seen it flying around all day yesterday and today. Bad ass plane. Never knew they could land one of those in Parker. Here are some photos I took of it.
  11. riverratmike

    Havasu Balloon Festival

    Went last night for the very first time. Really enjoyed it and these people are really into their hot air balloons. Some of them are enormous! Lets see your photos!!!! My wife and I will be back there again Sunday afternoon/night for more photography. Here are some photos I took with my new...
  12. riverratmike

    Sea Plane? River Plane in Parker

    Ok, just curious if anyone know who was flying this plane. I got lots of photos of him doing some practice touch and go's on the river this morning right in front of my river house. It was cool to watch. Also any info on this type of plane? I've never seen one like it before.
  13. riverratmike

    WANTED: Needed 4 stock Maxxis Rhino Tires

    Need all 4 stock rhino tires for my 2006 SE Rhino. My originals Maxxis tires are shot. Hoping someone here in Havasu or Parker has some for sale. Thanks.
  14. riverratmike

    Boat 147

    Just curious the drivers name of the 147 boat?
  15. riverratmike

    Lake Powell Lightning

    A buddy of mine that lives there took these incredible photos back in August 2013 near Glen Canyon Dam. Wow!
  16. riverratmike

    Parker Lightning

    Got a nice t-storm here on the river last night. Drove the Rhino out near P mountain and started taking photos. Here is one I captured. It was so fun! Will be out and about again tonight taking pictures.
  17. riverratmike

    Havasu Storm Thursday Evening

    Went out to do a little storm chasing once I saw the storm moving into Havasu Thursday evening. I drove out to the island near the shore of the lake and waited. Wow! I got pounded out there. It was so much fun. Here are some photos I captured.
  18. riverratmike

    Parker/Havasu Storms Aug 18th 2013

    Got some really good activity over Parker and in Havasu Sunday evening. Another round of t-storms are forcasted for this weekend. I'll be out again taking photos of it. Here are some photos I took last weekend.
  19. riverratmike

    Parker Lightning

    Even though I don't post much here anymore, I did want to share some photos I took down at my river house this weekend. Last night about 2am loaded up my camera equipment in the Rhino and headed out into the desert to capture this huge thunderstorm. I was out till 4am. Everyone around was...
  20. riverratmike

    A/C Repair in Havasu

    In-laws were having a problem with their Amana heat pump A/C unit last week at their rental house in Havasu. They called out Rollin Air. I've lived here 10 years and never heard of this company. Don't know anything about them, but I was told the reverser valve has gone bad. What is the average...