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    3.2 years for each life

    Makes sense. She was .17 driving down the wrong way on highway 50. A Sheriff on the other side was on his loud speaker trying to get her to stop. This guy was one of my stepson’s best friends. He was married two weeks before the accident. His groomsmen were the pall bearers at his funeral. It...
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    3.2 years for each life

    In 2010, I had a close family friend killed by a DUI 56 year old grandmother in El Dorado County with no criminal record.. She was sentenced to 12 years and served 9 years in state prison.
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    CA assault weapon ban overturned!!!

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    RDP'S "What are you working on?"

    4” lift, Slip Yoke Eliminator re-gear to 5:13-1 and lockers on the Jeep.
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    CA assault weapon ban overturned!!!

    The magazine ban is not in place. I have a 9mm with a high capacity mag approved on my CCW. I was told by the issuing agency that until it’s decided in court that magazine is legal.
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    Channel incidents- just wondering

    Pics of the girls flashing.
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    Here is a letter I wrote to the GM of Las Vegas Jaguar. All Car sales people should conduct themselves like this one did. Dear Sir, On April 7, 2021, in Rancho Cordova CA, my Girlfriend, Corina , and myself were in a highspeed head on collision in her 2016 Jaguar XF, caused by a distracted...
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    Any smog/emission experts in here?

    I’m looking at excessively high 02 levels at idle and cruise and thinking he has a major vacuum leak or something else causing a misfire at idle. I would first check for an intake leak with focus on all vacuum fittings and hoses as well as the manifold gasket. Then pull the plugs and run a...
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    AZ has officially turned into CA.

    This is possibly the most idiotic thread title I have ever seen. From the California DMV website: You can request refunds for vehicle/vessel registration, driver license and ID cards, special certificates, financial responsibility (insurance), and other fees and/or penalties collected by...
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    Has anyone else not seen a doctor in 17 years?

    Damn Two Tibial Plateau Fractures. Believe me when I say I feel your pain. All it took for this was one wheelie gone wrong.
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    Flying with a firearm

    The Southwest website has their rules. I flew out of Sacramento with the firearm unloaded and two loaded magazines in the same container I cut out the foam to secure the mags and that was it. No problem.
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    Flying with a firearm

    I just did this. Get the airport about 20 minutes earlier than you normally would. They made me wait 15 minutes before going to security just in case they wanted me to unlock the case so they could inspect it. Nobody paged me and nobody inspected the weapon. I barely made it onto the plane on...
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    Austin Healey Boat???

    That is cool. I want it. Interesting it has a Holley carb instead of two SU carbs.
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    I’m tired of finding this shit in the desert...

    Here they raised the standard bed pickup load at the county dump from $20 to $40. Now the use that extra money to go around to the rural roads and pick up the trash that people are dumping.
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    What the best thing you bought this year??

    We bought this Jag. To replace this one.
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    ok fellas.. Dinning room chairs?

    It wouldn’t matter how much money I had. No way in hell I would pay that kind of money for dining room chairs.
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    Net Worth

    The one thing I know about my net worth is that is exactly half of what it was before my divorce.
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    Simplifying and downsizing...

    In 2009, I bought a 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 diesel with 21,000 miles for 27K cash. Nothing had ever been hauled in the bed. It belonged to the daughter of the owner of the dealership. 12 years and 100K miles later guess what it's worth. We just bought a 2017 Jag XF 3.0 supercharged to replace the...
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    No Credit Score, No Problem !

    I made good money off that crisis. There was no better time in my life to buy stocks and real estate.
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    a good garden hose

    The hose I’m using I bought at the concrete supply company about 20 years ago. Don’t buy what Lowe’s or HD call their commercial grade. They are junk with red rubber.