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    Water Spot Remover - Black Car

    I've had great luck with this on glass, stainless and chrome, but have never tried it on paint. https://www.chemicalguys.com/heavy-duty-water-spot-remover/water-spot-remover.html
  2. SOD

    Lowered truck guys that still launch / tow - get in here

    I have a 21 4wd that I want to do the same thing to. Wanted the 6.2 and 10 speed and chevy thinks it should only come in 4wd. There was a member that did a thread on dropping a maroon or red late model, but I've tried to find it a couple of times. Hopefully someone sharper than me can dig it up.
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    Not new but it's been a while

    Nope. Nothing better than good friends having a good time. Crazy that we could hear the RDP after party like it was right there though.
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    Not new but it's been a while

    Great to meet you and hang out a bit on Friday. Thanks for the help in the garage!
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    Does Anyone Work Anymore???

    Not working....
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    Been sitting on the 40

  7. SOD

    Been sitting on the 40

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    Been sitting on the 40

    For the last 45 minutes Havasu side of Ludlow. Accident obviously, bit cant find info.
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    Got the call

    Hips are a piece of cake. Had both fully replaced at the same time at 50 and was walking without help in less than two weeks. Have a brother that just had one done as an outpatient. You seriously lay on the table in pain, and wake up with it gone.
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    Outdoor kitchen

    Make sure you watch the sun when placing your appliances. We have an ice maker and frig that get the afternoon direct sun and have to replace them every couple years. Never thought of it when we designed it.
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    Horrible Accident near El Centro - 15 Dead

    Looks like the truck driver didn't make it. https://www.azfamily.com/news/at-least-15-people-killed-in-crash-west-of-yuma/article_862ace82-7b7c-11eb-a256-07cef6687aba.html
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    Your stupid, bad habits?

    Is there a preferred shop in Havasu, or a dude that does house calls? My wife has the later here in the OC, but wants to stock up tomorrow in Havasu.
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    Source trailer rub rail insert?

    I looked all over online for the same trim. Ended up stumbling on a roll in the RV section at Spankeys about a year ago.
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    Mohave Co. vehicles torched at Havi Courthouse

    Four or five houses under construction had fires also says the news herald.
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    King of the hammers qualifications

    Was out last weekend and heading out this afternoon. Watching the drones and helos fly and film nearly rivals the action on the ground. The helos couldn't keep up with the race trucks in the flats.
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    Advice needed - Mineral deposits on stainless boat parts

    X3 on toilet bowl cleaner. The OG lysol stuff. Not the smell good stuff.
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    Breakfast Burritos . . . Who's Got The Goods?

    There it is! Now I have to go tomorrow.
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    2021 King of The Hammers

    Procrastinated too long. I'll just do the one there. Thanks
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    2021 King of The Hammers

    How did you get the $30 at home test? I haven't been able to find it on the ticket menu. Maybe I waited too long.
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    Crash I-40 West bound

    Going to be a while.