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  1. Constant840

    Performance Boat Regatta aka CP Regatta aka Jet Bote Regatta

    Anyone heading down to lower river? https://www.facebook.com/events/aha-quin-river-resort-at-the-colorado-river/2019-performance-boats-regatta/449688508923565/
  2. Constant840

    “There’s a sucker born every minute”

    -P.T. Barnum Enter... Battery Water
  3. Constant840

    Outboard fuel pump in Havasu?

    Visiting Havasu from lower river. Pulled the toon last night and smelled fuel. Appears the fuel pump has a small crack. Suggestions on a possible in stock unit?? 2006 Evinrude 175. Pump assembly Carter P61453S 500684
  4. Constant840

    Toyhauler. What is this part called?

    It’s basically an interior shroud over the fuel fill. Beginning to let fumes in. Pretty thin plastic. Before I pull it and head down to ask the pros at camping world, anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Constant840

    Boys have penis'. Girls have vaginas.

    I've sought the opinions of the RDP brain trust for years now. Marriage advice. Vasectomy advice. Pet advice. Maybe boating related advice once? Any way. My daughter is 8 going on 18 and is asking more and more consistently where babies come from. She asked again at the dinner table the other...
  6. Constant840

    Forum Update? Dark Theme?

    I've always had the forum set up on dark theme. Black background with threads and titles in white. Earlier this morning it was like that. Now it has switched to the white background/black titles. I'm not finding the option to go back? Has it gone away?
  7. Constant840

    1993 Bounder ??

    Selling the river boat with the idea of getting into motorhome. Had an unexpected trade offer for a 1993 bounder with a 460. Anyone have experience with Bounders of this vintage? Am I asking for trouble trading a super clean and dialed in 39 year old jet bote for an unknown 25 year old motorhome?
  8. Constant840

    **1979 Bahner**

    -1979 18' Bahner Bubble Deck, Super Clean -Full stringer -Rail Kit -Hyd Diverter -Autometer CF gauges -Berkeley JG, through bolted loader grate -496" GenIV, .30 over, SCAT roating assembly, JE Pistons, 9.3-1, soild flat tappet, custom cam, Weiand tunnel ram, Holley carbs, MSD 6al, Holley fuel...
  9. Constant840

    Parker today... no tags.

    Was going to launch at Bluewater today... forgot my 2019 tags again. Am I asking for trouble boating up there today?
  10. Constant840

    Please keep an eye on your young ones...

    So sad to read things like this. I'm not sure I could go on without my daughter. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/olympic-gold-medalist-bode-miller-announces-19-month-old-daughter-died-012737136.html Olympic gold medalist skier Bode Miller announced on Instagram Monday that his 19-month-old...
  11. Constant840

    Sound System install in the IE?

    Who is the local IE go to for good service and installation? Thanks.
  12. Constant840

    HR/Medical Coverage Question

    I found out last week that I mistakenly waived medical coverage through my employer this year, while still electing dental, vision and life. After not receiving a card I called the insurance company who referred me to my benefits coordinator who informed me I waived coverage. I told her I...
  13. Constant840

    ATV Shock Rebuild

    Older Polaris Predator with Fox shocks. Need the three units rebuilt and charged. I'm sure its an eazy peazy deal, but I'm just not feeling into doing it myself. Shock Therapy quoted me $350 which is making me feel much more into it. Anyone know of a good SoCal local guy that can do this?
  14. Constant840

    School me on Bitcoin

    Read it hit almost $8k for 1 coin today. Since dropped to $7800. Without having to read about it... can anyone tell me what the hell is it?? Is it a smart investment? I know it has been said currency should be part of any portfolio, but does this really count?
  15. Constant840

    $20 RayBan Sunglasses

    Someone sent me this link... legit? http://www.rbmnn.com/ For $35 shipped I might try. Maybe ever 3 pair for the free shipping.
  16. Constant840

    People Helping People

    I really enjoy reading things like this... http://www.cbsnews.com/news/strangers-buy-car-for-20-year-old-who-walks-3-miles-to-work-in-texas-heat/
  17. Constant840

    Co2 Filled??

    Heading to Blythe with a friend and his new to him Peterson Placecraft... he mentions the bottle for the pop off is empty... Doh! Anyone know a paintball shop or industrial gas supppy open tomorrow? Need air will travel.
  18. Constant840

    What kind of screw is this?

    Need to find some spare screws for the bimini. I've been on McMasterCarr website for an hour... wtf are these called? I suppose I could go down there, but I'd rather not.
  19. Constant840

    SR71 Blackbird, Speed Check

    Great story. Possible Vin? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8AyHH9G9et0&ebc=ANyPxKrcfRJTGzUocq68di1KyNnryTEKDC9M2pd1myRLw6-Sm3CQ4RM1Mu1aBKYc87UtraKl-P08&time_continue=338
  20. Constant840

    You sick little monkey!

    http://www.edge-cdn.net/video_1106810?playerskin=37016 Or... A deer in headlights. Or... Any port in the storm. Or...