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  1. DLow

    Auto/Home insurance in PHX

    My Farmers agent has officially pissed me off for the last time. I’m looking for an agent that can give me some quotes, quickly. I’ve been dealing with this guy for 20 years and his son has taken over in the last year. No more. 5 vehicles and a house. Anyone have a recommendation? Farmers itself...
  2. DLow

    Vaccine myocarditis in kids

    https://www.foxnews.com/health/cdc-investigating-mild-reports-of-potential-heart-problems-following-covid-19-vaccination.amp Let’s go get our kids vaccinated with an experimental mRNA vaccine that has no repercussions to the vaccine manufacturers. Hmmmm, sounds like a great idea. Sad for the...
  3. DLow

    Third shot anyone?

    Hmmmmmm. J&J gets pulled. Same week people now need a third Pfizer shot. Coincidence? Discuss. Aaaaahahahaha. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/04/15/pfizer-ceo-says-third-covid-vaccine-dose-likely-needed-within-12-months.html
  4. DLow

    The WHO

    Just can’t stop with the comedy show. 😂 https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2021/03/15/977527808/who-points-to-wildlife-farms-in-southwest-china-as-likely-source-of-pandemic
  5. DLow

    Vizsla puppy wanted...

    We are looking for a Vizsla puppy. No adults or adoptions. We have been on 2 waiting lists for months, but it may be a while for either list to produce. We would like to get puppy while wife is still working from home and we have more time to spend training. Otherwise, the dog goes to work with...
  6. DLow

    Insurrection Act

    Word is Insurrection Act has been signed and POTUS has left the building. Anyone else seeing anything?
  7. DLow

    Ignore feature.

    I never thought it would come to this, but I just ignored my first person on RDP. I go to work and deal with complete degenerate wastes that are literally roaming the street every day looking for government hand outs and demanding they get services and products for free. I’ve had enough. I don’t...
  8. DLow


    Just a little Sunday morning wake up run in the toon. These days have become fewer and far between... I think some things in life need to change a little. Really wish I had brought the Stoker 😡, but it looks like the tooner is going down the road, so we will make the best of today.
  9. DLow

    Shipping a boat from FL to AZ

    I know there are a couple shippers here. I’m looking into a boat purchase while I’m here in FL and need to get an idea on pricing. Please send me a PM or post your contact info. Also, those who have used a shipping company, please pass on contact info. Would rather the business go to a member...
  10. DLow

    Home appraisal question

    Anyone on here recently have an issue with an appraiser, and who did I you contact (in Maricopa County AZ)? We had one done thIs week and it appears he was miserably confused on his job, as well as how to pull legitimate comps. Any help on who to contact, besides him (which I have already done)...
  11. DLow

    Sat phones...

    Who has one? What do you have? Pros and cons to your phone? I’ve rented a couple for trips, but am looking into buying one. Anyone on here a vendor or work in the business?
  12. DLow

    I can’t believe this is happening

  13. DLow

    ? For you structural engineer guys...

    If I run (2) 2x12s that are nailed together across a 15’ span, what is the load capacity in the middle? Let’s say I use a structural strap with 8k lb capacity to hang stuff from.
  14. DLow

    SoCal freeway route help

    Leaving Disneyland 8am on Friday to Phoenix. How would you go? 57-91-60-10 or 57-10? Will have passengers to use carpool lane. Is there a better route? Needing to haul the mail to PHX, but can’t leave before 8.
  15. DLow

    Disneyland for New Year's Eve

    Anyone (other than M2ME) done it? Thinking about hitting it this year. Experiences? Looks like it may be the busiest day of the year there. NOT excited about that. This has been our first year in over a decade without season passes, and my wife and kids are really missing waiting in the long...
  16. DLow

    GRE... anyone take it lately?

    So, I’m working on a career change and am studying for my GRE. Anyone on here take it lately, or have a kids that has? Looking for tips on what/how to study for it and what to expect during the test. I have a few study manuals but would like to hear from someone’s experience. I figure someone on...
  17. DLow

    Daughter's first phone... Life 360???

    Daughter is getting her first phone at 12. Who is using Life 360? It seems to be ok, but we'd like more monitoring of her texts/calls, etc. What is everyone using for phone monitoring? We are all on Apple phones, and it will stay that way. So we are looking for IOS systems. Thanks for any input.
  18. DLow

    Best place/contact to buy lily pad?

    I’ve searched RDP and the few threads are a couple years old. Is there an RDP vender or anyone else here that carries them? I’m in Phoenix area.
  19. DLow

    Colorado Gun Laws... Red State

    So... Here we have a liberally run state that may very well pass and implement new gun control laws. Yet, when the county Sheriffs push back and call themselves “gun sanctuaries”, it’s just not acceptable. Being a sanctuary state or county etc. is wrong. Hypocrite much? Straight from good old...
  20. DLow

    CNN lawsuit

    It will be interesting to see what comes of this. Could this be the beginning of the people taking back MSM and some actual accountability for the crap spewed by the media? https://www.foxnews.com/us/cnn-to-be-sued-for-more-than-250m-over-vicious-and-direct-attacks-on-covington-high-student-lawyer