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  1. AJ Hoffman

    16 and up eligible for vaccinations in AZ beginning Wednesday 3/24

    Wow some of you telling others it’s selfish not to get vaxed .. unbelievable... what’s selfish is you guys suggesting that people should get it for the sake of Others.. you guys want pump that junk in you, to each their own.. you live in America still I think... stop pushing that BS on others...
  2. AJ Hoffman

    Octane Marine (Phx) - Detailing

    I use to think the same thing... I had to teach myself as well. When I have 0 experience in your field of expertise an you tell me that my boat probably going have to wet sand to get some cloudiness out of it, because you couldn’t get it buffing it... my buddy drops off buffer I’ve never used an...
  3. AJ Hoffman

    Now I’m not sayin.. - Jetski

    Hate to fall off the back of that!
  4. AJ Hoffman

    Horrible Accident near El Centro - 15 Dead

    Shows how brain washed people are by the B.S spewed out on media outlets. All the labors that I’ve worked with in construction in those regions, work in those fields too when work is slow. Ag harvest is not solely illegals picking our food lmfao... have friends that I’ve grown up with that have...
  5. AJ Hoffman

    So let’s say you want to buy a boat before summer

    Sounds like you need to talk to eliminator have them build you a 25 speedster with twin 450’s with a custom RD walk off platform/ hatch between motors. Be everything you want, fast bad ass mofo on the water, ski all day with fam, walk on off the boat. Big enough for Havasu/ small/fast enough...
  6. AJ Hoffman

    gettin the SHOT today

    Fuckin AMEN brotha!!! Let em pump them full of some bullshit poison that’s less effective than just surviving it!! Retards!! Don’t take flu shots nor this Bullshit!!
  7. AJ Hoffman

    vroom anyone?

    They gave me best deal for my 2012 Tahoe by at least 2 grand on trade in, an we bought a sweet Escalade with 16k on it from them. Best part didn’t have to leave my house dropped off Escalade an pick up Tahoe an gone in less that 30 mins
  8. AJ Hoffman

    Predictions for 2021

    I predict another 4 more years with Trump & VP General Flynn
  9. AJ Hoffman

    COVID exploding in Southern California

    I went out side today an the sky was falling!! 🤯
  10. AJ Hoffman

    COVID exploding in Southern California

    Some people can literally be told to walk off a cliff!!! Lmao 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
  11. AJ Hoffman

    COVID exploding in Southern California

    LMFAO!! I love it! Think people think!!!! Lmao
  12. AJ Hoffman

    COVID exploding in Southern California

    Well I can say the same for both, an lot of people I know too. It’s almost 100% like 99.6% survivable, an many with no symptoms. I’m sure the things you, an most of us do during the week has a higher probable cause of taking ur, our life’s than this.... like driving a car, walking across the...
  13. AJ Hoffman

    COVID exploding in Southern California

    So dose the FLU.....
  14. AJ Hoffman

    COVID exploding in Southern California

    Go ahead an load up on that poison of a vaccine that is less % effective than of what the survival % rate is... that’s a head scratcher...
  15. AJ Hoffman

    COVID exploding in Southern California

    I’m sooo scared that I almost have a 100% chance of surviving this deadly joke of a virus.... 🤦🏼‍♂️ Good thing the flu is non existent too, I can’t afford to catch that shit again either... Wake the fuck up America
  16. AJ Hoffman

    Guy Who Hit and Killed Five Cyclist in Vegas Charged with DUI.

    Every idiot rides a bike on hwy or county road deserves wut they get
  17. AJ Hoffman

    I let a guy go now he is begging for job back

    Let him back to work, an he will “hurt” him self an take u to the cleaners just like he said. Must have very little sense of smell, u should have smelled that pile of shit 2 or 3 “injuries” ago or maybe on his second “faltas Lunas”
  18. AJ Hoffman

    I'm going to throw this out there one last time....old boating magazines

    I would like One from Hot Boat Mag. My dads boat was was in it with a couple page spread for the 4th of July edition. Can’t remember the yr off too my head had to be between 99-03? I think. 25ft liberator twin paint scheme stars an bars. If you had 1 or more it be cool. Thanks
  19. AJ Hoffman

    Newsom winery

    Him an the companies he owns/co owns of have already taken in 3 million is Covid relief. Pretty sure all his places never shut down either. It’s absolutely disgusting what’s happening.
  20. AJ Hoffman

    carvana or carmax

    Sorry to hear Vroom gave us best money for our 2012 Tahoe