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  1. max930

    Remembrance and Veterns Day

    Veterans Day was created in 1954, by the Eisenhower administration. The main reason it was too much like Memorial Day. You see the unknown theme is remembrance of WWI, WWII and Korea veterans remembrance. The unknown's all symbol this. The problem these days are for all who served not the...
  2. max930

    sad deal

    Happened at a local school today. Both my neighbors have kids at the school involved. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/1-student-dead-another-wounded-in-double-stabbing-at-abbotsford-high-school-1.3831825 Very sad........... Hate to point out the obvious. But we have gun control...
  3. max930

    this is just WOW!!!

    Hillary only example of being a "good" lawyer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdNHf1g4ivA
  4. max930

    Shooting at mall in Washington State

    My network channels are all out of Seattle. They just interrupted with breaking news. Shooter in mall in Burlington WA mall. 4 confirmed dead. Wow. I drive through Burlington all the time and have driven past this mall millions of times. Its just off the I-5.
  5. max930

    America VS Canada

    Have we not taught you anything. Instead of trying to keep spy's in. You should listen to your neighbor more. Be more quit! The world watches things happen. Its foolish in politics to use fucking email. Note none has vouched for her yet! Americans need to learn silent protest. We get more things...
  6. max930

    pretty cool sighting

    Took the dog out for a pee and I had a smoke. Hear this buzzing sound. Look up and had this overhead. Have a few more shots, but having trouble getting them off the card uploading.
  7. max930

    income inequality

    So Hillary today was bitching about income inequality while in a $12k Armani jacket. Probably paid for by the Clinton Foundation. I'm sorry Champaign sipping $12k suit wearing liberals have no clue how to end poverty. Only one system and one word works: "capitalism"