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    How hot does it really get in Havazoo?

    This must have been some sort of 25 year old mistake. If you listen to the enviro wingnuts .... the climate has changed and it's FAR hotter now.
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    What in the fuck!?!?!

    Just wait....it's only a matter of time before being 'threatened by white privilege' is going to be an acceptable defense against being charged for beatings like this.
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    Towing Police - Need input.

    No, .but dual or even better....a triple axle set up is needed on that trailer.
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    It's Friday - Time for a Drink

    Back at ya!
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    Dog needs a new home ASAP for FREE!

    Perfect farm dog! Sorry you have to re-home him -- but sounds like you're making the right decision.
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    Interesting for Kingman/ Mohave County

    And they will do it by getting the pipeline that this plant needs deferred, postponed, environemtally studied and re-postponed again until a different envireonmental study is done --- until the plant gets cancelled.
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    How to capitalize off these current times?

    Too late. Lumber futures are starting to tank.
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    Pretty cool project...

    Ha ha - I don't think anyone will do too much 'ripping' on this ... based on the thichness of the gearbox (or is it a chaincase?) connecting the engines. AND - judging by the length of the driveshaft between this gearbox and axle - the rear suspension might have 1/2 inch of travel.
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    Pretty cool project...

    Had a 52 Ford COE / 16ft grain box with hoist on our farm growing up. Great truck. Flathead / 4spd / 2 spd axle. I would LOVE to have that truck now.... and I'd shorten the frame and put a 1 ton dually box on it.
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    Channel incidents- just wondering

    Was she ON the boat, not paying attention with legs hanging over the side?
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    Here's the beef 3.0, a brief summary explaining what to expect in the future of beef.

    This is a primer for 'here's the beef 4.0' https://www.politico.com/news/2021/05/23/biden-farmers-beef-climate-emissions-490237 The eco/social justice warriors are not just coming after Joe and Jane Average for the amount of energy they consume .... they're coming after what they want to eat! I...
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    Still My Favorite Comedian . . .

    I'll turn your question around and say that George Carlin was a master social commentator who was extremely funny. IMO - he's had no equal since he died -- some try and are pretty good (Dave Chappell and Bill Burr).
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    Would you buy it?

    I've had 04,05,12 and still have 18. Mileage wouldn't scare me off, but it's too expensive unless you know for sure it's current on 1) valve adjustment 2) timing belt and 3) front wheel bearings. All 3 are pretty cheap if you can diy, but EXPENSIVE if you're paying someone to do them. They are...
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    Momma bear...meet momma dog

    That bear in the OP knows batshit crazy.....so it got tf out of there.😄
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    Still My Favorite Comedian . . .

    Carlin wasn't a comedian (although he was one of the funniest people who ever lived)......he was a futurist - and just about everything he said is coming true.
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    Public school curriculum BS

    I think you're confused. The video says Dr's assign gender (male or female) at birth based on the body parts they see on the baby. I'm assuming this is for the birth certificate. Why is this wrong?? ......and based on some of the wingnuts having children these days, it seems to me having a Dr...
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    Hull cleaner !

    I used ZEP's copy of CLR on our old PWC at the end of last summer (It sat in the lake for 3+ months and it was almost calf shit brown). I was shocked at how well it worked. Spray it on, let sit for 10 mins. A stiff bristle brush will loosen everything up ... then hose it all off. I might have...
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    A tool every RDP member should have

    😀 at #6 on the discussion points page. I bet they'd sell a shit ton more of these if the open end was 10mm
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    Scary S*&^ at the Airport

    I've never seen a KA with such short blades. Look at LR2's pic. - that plane gets much more than a nose wheel flat and the tips are on the pavement.
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    Scary S*&^ at the Airport