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  1. Cobalt232

    Employees....You just can't make this stuff up.

    We run 3 shifts. I get it, the overnight shift is hard. We have heard a thousand reasons why employees call out or leave early, but here is a new one. I saw this message in Slack this morning when I woke up from our overnight production lead: "XXXXX has left early tonight due to have pain...
  2. Cobalt232

    Looking for Machine Shop

    Hopefully South Orange County or North San Diego. I need about 10 of these racks converted from the image with the red writing to look like the image with no writing. The lower part of the rack needs to be removed and the holes made for the springs and clips. The machine shop I've used in the...
  3. Cobalt232

    208v 'High-Leg' Electrical Service help.

    Hey... For the past few months we have been doing a TI in the next unit over for new lab space. A couple of weeks ago, we started installing a piece of equipment that I thought required 208v electrical service that we have coming into the building (3-120 legs). It is a piece of equipment from...
  4. Cobalt232

    Why do I waste my time reading the LA Times

    From today's article on Newsom's reopening plan: ......At the same time, mass protests over the death of George Floyd erupted. Officials have said that those outdoor demonstrations did not contribute to the massive surge in new coronavirus infections. Still, it is impossible for officials to...
  5. Cobalt232

    Bringing employees back.

    Here is a clipping from an article in today's WSJ. We are seeing the same thing here at our business in CA, trying to call back some employees: << My company works with local chefs to open and operate their restaurants. We are currently a partner in more than 20 of them. We closed our dining...
  6. Cobalt232

    Anybody understand the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)?

    We just talked with our bank (Farmers & Merchants). They have submitted their paperwork for this program, so they can get approved to do these loans. The bank said they will be sending out packets tomorrow with the application etc. It seems the rules are changing hourly. Looking at the...
  7. Cobalt232

    Water Level

    Tried to go to Topock this morning for breakfast. Normal path=wading in cold water pushing boat.
  8. Cobalt232

    White House Visit Today

    Lots of construction going on. They are building a new fence on the north side that is taller so they can allow the public closer access like before.
  9. Cobalt232

    Havasu Neighborhoods

    My wife and I are in the early stages of looking for a weekend place in Havasu. Looking for 3 bedroom, 2 bath minimum with RV garage and pool. Prefer less than 10 years old or new. Maybe rent to snowbirds during winter, but maybe not. 400k-800k price range. Not totally opposed to building...
  10. Cobalt232

    Check out the snowpack up there:

    Specifically South Eastern Utah
  11. Cobalt232

    Wonder how this will workout...procession

  12. Cobalt232

    Coming to a state near you - Fishing tournament ban

    I don't participate in any, but like watching on TV. https://www.westernbass.com/forum/first-step-ban-all-fishing-derbies-t119438.html?fbclid=IwAR2jzjkdNypNVVuP7gZOKuwZvz97oRxMJh_6YmMFony-TFSM1cxFIMidXTk