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  1. Paul65k

    Why California is broke and Texas is not!!

    The governor of California is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A coyote jumps out and attacks the governor’s dog, then bites the governor. The governor starts to intervene, but reflects upon the movie Bambi and then realizes he should stop because the coyote is only doing what is...
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    One last word on the Iran Deal

  4. Paul65k

    As seen waiting for flat repair

    so I see this tire waiting for flat repair at Discount tire while I’m sitting here waiting for my car (not my tire). I’m thinking maybe they won’t fix it....lol
  5. Paul65k

    RIP Barbara Bush

    Just passed away at 92......What a life!! https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/986390014148915201
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    Only in Lake Havasu.......a must read!!

    Wow.....Only in Lake havasu ....You will not believe what happened yesterday.. I walked into Maverick to grab something to drink and pay for my gas. When I walked up I noticed these two Cops watching a woman who was smoking while pumping gas.. I saw her and thought, "Is she stupid?!! With the...
  7. Paul65k

    Need a handyman in San Clemente

    Does anyone know someone who can replace 3 light fixtures for me at our rental house in San Clemente? Nothing complicated just that I don't feel like making the drive to just install a few fixtures and the guy who I use to do stuff for me there is out of town for a couple of...
  8. Paul65k

    Operation Let's get the Jeep

    Some of you may know that my wife had a little accident in our 2006 Jeep Rubicon LJ a couple of weeks ago and even though the damage looked pretty minor our Insurance company decided to total it. I was thinking (hoping) that it would be a total and the hunt was on. I wanted to try and buy a...
  9. Paul65k

    Who's got an old engine block sitting around in Havasu??

    I'm getting ready to set buoy for my boat at the lake house and looking for a heavy engine block or anything else that I can put a chain on and set a buoy off the back of my place in Havasu. I'm sure someone have one hanging around......isn't that why they call them "Boat anchors" after they...
  10. Paul65k

    Need a little help......need to get my new ride from Stockton to Havasu!!

    So I found a new Jeep to replace the one that got totaled last week and it's in Stockton.......looks like 9 hours to Havasu. The issue is that I just don't have 2 days that I can take (Best case) to go up there and pick it up as we're so freaking busy right now. If I fly there I need to drive 3...
  11. Paul65k

    To Buy or Not to Buy a totaled Jeep......that is the question

    So as you may have seen the wife had a pretty small accident in our Jeep LJ Rubicon and the insurance company has decided they will be totaling it. I feel pretty good with the amount they have offered although I think I can get a little more when I send them some detail on recent...
  12. Paul65k

    Here's what happens when 2 Jeeps get to the top of a hill at the same time!!

    Thursday evening just before it started to get dark my wife was driving the Jeep back to the Palms from the city which means south to dam, across to CA side, drive toward Black Meadow Landing and then a 7.5 mile trip on the dirt road. So about a mile in she comes to the top of a hill at the...
  13. Paul65k

    Have you ever "Really" seen a flash flood

    So in and around many parts of our river communities we have "Washes". Like many of you I've seen and heard Flash Flood warning throughout the years but always thought......who'd be crazy enough to not be able to get out of the way of a FF. Well.............This video sure brings it...
  14. Paul65k

    Anyone got a real time update on the fires in and around Santa Barbara?

    We are planning on taking the RV to Santa Barbara (Goleta Actually) next Wednesday the 20th and was wondering if anyone in the area might have some better G2 than I can seem to find on the Web??? We were originally planning on cutting over through Palmdale and down through Fillmore to try and...
  15. Paul65k

    RV Parking/Storage in South OC

    Hey guys, A friend of mine just bought a 36' Pusher and is looking for a place to store it. They live in San Clemente/Dana Point area and have no room to park it at their house. Are there any good places you guys know in that area that I can refer them to??
  16. Paul65k

    We're almost giving this stuff away!!!!

    Hey Guys, One of our inmates has trusted us to sell his home here in Havasu and we now have a nit of an issue!! First of all we listed his house on a Wednesday, sold it on a Thursday and will be closing escrow in a little over a week:D. In the mean time they have welcomed their first born, a...
  17. Paul65k

    Holy crap this could have ended badly!!

    So we're heading out for 5 weeks with the 5th wheel and so I do a bunch of stuff before I head out including 5 new tires at Discount.....looks like they forgot to torque the lugs on this wheel when they were through. I checked everything, kicked tires, checked temps of tires and hubs...
  18. Paul65k

    Question for the electricians in the house

    So I have a question for the electrical experts in the house: I'm trying to get shore power to my new 5th wheel here at the house which has 50 amp service. I currently have a 50A Welding circuit (dedicated 50A in the panel) in an ideal location on an outside corner of the garage that would...
  19. Paul65k

    2012 Rockwood Mini-Lite - 23' TT with Murphy Bed

    This trailer is easily towed by SUV or 1/2 ton pick-up. The trailer has an empty weight of only 3720 and a gross weight of ~5000 lbs......take it anywhere with pretty much any medium sized or larger SUV. I bought this a little while ago to make sure we were gonna like the camping deal and we...