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  1. colenighthawk

    Need tile installation

    Need tile installation in Anaheim Any referrals?
  2. colenighthawk

    Kitchen cabinets

    I'm remodeling my kitchen, anybody wanna buy cabinets and counter tops $850
  3. colenighthawk

    Concrete price

    Looking to do a RV parking on the side of my house in Havasu, what's the going rate for concreate per sq? Need 1350sq Who's the to go concrete company?
  4. colenighthawk

    Registration Renewal

    Trying to renew my 2019 F250 Diesel, DMV is telling me I need smog check? WTF?
  5. colenighthawk

    Travertine flooring

    I'm looking for a flooring contractor In OC area, need to R&R about 300sq of travertine. Thanks
  6. colenighthawk

    Who's got the best price for tires in OC?

    2 of my work vans needs tires, 245/75/16, where to in OC, Anaheim
  7. colenighthawk

    Looking for an outdrive repair shop in OC

    There's water in my outdrive oil Looking for a shop in OC to pressure/vacuum test IMCO drive
  8. colenighthawk

    Outdrive oil foaming

    Had her running on muffs for about 5 min before the gear lube change. While the lube was draining I noticed that it was kind of foamy/ small little bubbles kind of. After 15 min or so, while the lube settled in the draining pan it looked normal, bubbles/foam disappeared. Is that normal? Or i...
  9. colenighthawk

    Wtf, osb price

    What's going on with OSB, price went to the roof?
  10. colenighthawk


    Why, No residential street lights in Havasu? It's dark as fuck
  11. colenighthawk

    Free work gloves

    Homedepot in Placentia is giving out free work gloves as you exit, nice ones too, a 3 pack
  12. colenighthawk

    Power steering leak

    My boat has a power steering leak, who's the go to in OC for service? 2006 Magic 625 Ilmore Teague Drive Dual steering imco rams
  13. colenighthawk

    What product

    What are you guys using to wipe down water spots after boating all day. I've been using Hot Sauce, wanted to see what is everyone else using.
  14. colenighthawk

    Water storage jug for my sink

    I'm trying to find a new 2.5 water jug for my sink for my magic. Does any one know where would I find one. The one I have for some reason has a hole in it. Thanks in advance.
  15. colenighthawk

    Soda blasting

    I'm working on a fire job and I'm looking for someone that does soda blasting, need to have a tongue and groove ceiling soda blasted. 375 sq ft
  16. colenighthawk

    Property tax in Havasu

    Looking to buy a house in Havasu, what's the property tax? Thanks
  17. colenighthawk

    Looking to replace existing stereo

    Looking to replace old alpine stereo and 3 wired remotes controls. Who's the to go to in OC? What would you recommend for stereo replacement?
  18. colenighthawk

    [WTS] 2 JL 15" Subwoofer

    They work great Pulled them out of my boat Going with a new setup $200 for both or $125 for each 714.728.7563 ]
  19. colenighthawk

    [WTB] Chevy Express or GMC Savana

    Looking for a used Chevy Express or GMC Savana cargo van 2500 with low mileage. Thanks
  20. colenighthawk

    [WTB] Electric Trailer Dolly

    Looking for a Electric Trailer Dolly Strong enough to move a 28' Magic deck boat.