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  1. Go-Fly

    When Size Matters

    If you own a 1/2 ton.
  2. Go-Fly

    November 22 1963

    Bought some 1932 Patent drawings from Germany. I want to frame them and put them in my shop. In the bottom of the box was two news paper. Not sure what I'm going to do with them. For now, it's just cool to have some history in my hand.
  3. Go-Fly

    Can You Fix It

    How long can you afford to fix and drive a car or truck? Had this conversation yesterday and it is still going on this morning. My position is, there's a point where you start to lose reliability and you worry if you can make it to your next destination. Then you start calling friends and...
  4. Go-Fly

    Climate Change

    Someone pussed out. We don't name names here.:D Post up your global warming pic's.
  5. Go-Fly

    December 1979

    In 1979,the wife and I were setting up our 1st home. We both worked all the overtime we could in November to have extra money to buy Christmas decorations. I was making $4.34 an hour and the wife was making $2.90. Between the two of us we came up with an extra $30. The tree was $8 and the...
  6. Go-Fly

    Did I Get This Wrong?

    Vaping has caused lung damage form people using black market oils that have vitamin E in them. They do this so they can vape weed THC without anyone knowing. Mostly kids. So the answer is to take the good oils off the market and replace it with black market oils that kill people. Make it...
  7. Go-Fly

    Veteran's Day

    Tell a vet thank you today. Thank you.
  8. Go-Fly

    School Athletes Getting Paid

    College athletes getting paid for the use of their name and number. Most of the kids that play football are street smart. There is only a few that are front runners and will make any money. How long do you think it will be until the front line wants its cut to hold up protection. No pay, you...
  9. Go-Fly

    The Shop Is Open

    The wife was working on the books today for the LLC. I was fussing around in the kitchen and I hear this loving voice say "honey, what are you doing"? I'm reorganizing the frig was my reply. After a long pause and as I move the pickles to the door so I don't have to dig for them, I hear, "for...
  10. Go-Fly

    National Coffee Day

    Nothing I like better then a good cup of coffee. I found a roaster over on the Oregon coast called Bay City Rosters. They only roast two pounds of coffee at a time and let it rest for few weeks before they grind it. I don't like strong coffee, just rich flavor. There is a big difference...
  11. Go-Fly

    I Met a Centenarian Today

    I met a women today that was born in 1915. My day came to a stop and the wife and I visited with her for 4 hours. Her mind is as clear as ever and the stories just rolled out. Starting with how, when she was a kid, they went to town with horse and wagon. Walked to a one room school, twice a...
  12. Go-Fly

    Welcome To Train Mountain

    When it comes to big boy toys, you have to make it to Train Mountain. Flew in today, may stay the week. Miss Go-Fly has already picked out a locomotive.
  13. Go-Fly

    I'm Thankful

    I'm thankful for the life I have. The wife and I have been traveling around the lower 48 and having a great time doing it. Flew back to Oregon for the eclipse this summer and sat right in the middle of the shadow. Laid down over 14k miles so far this year. Made it to Arlington National...
  14. Go-Fly

    The Things You Learn

    Came back to Oregon to move my Mother into a new place we built for her. In her old house there was a sitting room off the kitchen. Us kids were trying to remember how old the wingback chairs were that we all sat in for the last 30 years. Dad would sit in there and read the paper in the...
  15. Go-Fly

    Top Dems Refuse To Stand For Falling Seal

    There comes a time when you have to put your little sore loser party aside and do the right thing. It goes to show there is nothing that's off the table for the left. It brought tears to my eyes to watch Carryn Owens look to the heavens, to talk to her husband. The true hate from the left is...
  16. Go-Fly

    Post Election Stress Disorder

    PESD, http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/20/health/post-election-stress-partner/ What is wrong with these people. They compare this to the soldiers coming back from war on Fox News this morning. Some people still can't go to work. Wow.
  17. Go-Fly

    Tell It Like It Is

    Watch it to the end, He tells it like it is with the left. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOllgeuBnOo
  18. Go-Fly

    Democratic Party Imploding

    I just can't believe what I'm seeing. Dirty laundry is going to be hung out soon and it will be jaw dropping.:eek
  19. Go-Fly

    Judge Over Rules Trump

    Judge over rules Trump on his week-old executive order temporary barring nationals from seven countries from entering the United States.:eek
  20. Go-Fly

    42 Dem's Walk Into A Bar

    42 Demarcates will boycott the Inauguration. It's like a good joke where the punch line is, for God's sake, you lost, pull your pants up.