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  1. JordanDangerfield

    Dolly Trailer Fenders

    Where the heck can I find a set?? I'm looking for someone that makes dolly trailer fenders. Any leads are appreciated. Would prefer polished stainless. Thank you!!
  2. JordanDangerfield

    1971 Hondo Flat

    1971 Hondo Flat ***Selling less engine*** The V drive was rebuilt then it sat covered in a garage for the last twenty years. The previous owner started sanding on it then lost interest in the project. Steering and cav hardware all in good shape and moving smooth. Stewart Warner...
  3. JordanDangerfield

    BBC V-drive Bassett Headers

    Bassett headers for a big block Chevy. Badge is from 2000, but they've been covered in a garage since new. No rust, never been on the water. Water lines included. $850 obo Located in Menifee, CA. Will not ship.
  4. JordanDangerfield

    20P 5 Blade Prop

    Mercury Highfive 20p Prop No nicks or dings. $375 obo Located in Menifee, CA. PM for contact info. Thanks!
  5. JordanDangerfield

    Pete Jackson Mechanical Injection

    I'm hoping to get some info on this mechanical injection setup I recently picked up. Based on some googling it looks like it's a Pete Jackson for a BBC. It seems like these are pretty rare, but also actually work well. It's complete with nozzles, pills, the belt driven P-3 pump, and crank...
  6. JordanDangerfield

    Algae Bloom in Havasu?

    I'm currently in Havasu and noticed a green slime on the water in the Channel as well as other areas on the lake. Does anyone know if this is algae and if it is harmful to pets? We have our pup out with us and would die if anything happened to her.
  7. JordanDangerfield

    Dodge/Cummins Guy Near Temecula

    I'm looking for recommendations on a shop to take my 1995 Dodge 12v to in the Temecula area. It's time for a head gasket and some other fixes. Thanks!!
  8. JordanDangerfield

    [WTB] Big Block Chevy

    I'm looking for a budget friendly big block Chevy. It's going in an 18' jetboat. I'm located in SoCal, but I'll travel for the right deal. Thanks!!
  9. JordanDangerfield

    1997 Chevy Dually

    1997 Chevy Dually 132k mi. 2WD 454 Alcoas Working and non leaking sunroof. New tires on the rear. Recently smogged. Maintained I drive it daily. **Some of the pics are before the new hitch receiver and tires. Located in Temecula, CA. $7,500 obo
  10. JordanDangerfield

    [WTS] 2004 GMC 2500HD SLT

    2004 GMC 2500HD SLT 4WD LLY Diesel CST Lift 35's Located in Temecula, CA. $15,000 OBO PM me for more info. Thanks!
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  12. JordanDangerfield

    [WTS] Misc. Parts

    Fabbed Aluminum BBC valve covers $75 BBF ski tow, white $40 BBC ski tow, chrome $40 Shifter/Throttle combo $20 Rudders $20/ea. Terminal Block $10 460 Long bolt manifolds and risers $50 460 manifolds and OT pipes $100 OT pipes alone $50 455 manifolds and risers $50 460 PTO and driveline...
  13. JordanDangerfield

    [WTS] Holley 850 DP

    Selling my Holley 850 DP. List # 4781-8. New, goes for $566. Asking $350. Located in Winchester, CA. PM for contact info. Thanks!
  14. JordanDangerfield

    [WTS] Place Diverter HPH Nozzle Housing

    Less than a year old. Asking $250. Located in Winchester, CA. PM for contact info.
  15. JordanDangerfield

    [WTB] WTB: Bassett/Dooley Dual Carb Scoop

    I’m looking for a Bassett/Dooley style scoop with a center to center measurement of 9 5/8” for 4150 style carbs. If anyone has a Rogers style I’d love one of those, but I assume they’re more rare. Thanks!!
  16. JordanDangerfield

    [WTS] Southwind 18

    '76 Southwind 18 jet boat. I recently went through the whole boat. It's been re-rigged and cleaned up to be trouble free for years to come. The trailer has new bunks and the bearings were cleaned and repacked. It also has a break-away tongue for tight parking. The gelcoat is in great shape...
  17. JordanDangerfield

    [WTS] Exhaust Manifolds, OT Pipes

    I’m selling three sets of manifolds. One set is Ford 460 long bolt manifolds with risers. The front bolt hole is damaged on one side. Other than that they’re good to go. $100 The next is another set of Ford 460 manifolds with OT pipes. $200 Last, but not least is a set of Olds 455 manifolds...
  18. JordanDangerfield

    [WTS] Holley 750

    I have a Holley 750 with mechanical secondaries for sale. List number is in the pics. It needs a rebuild due to today’s bad gas. Located in Winchester, CA. Asking $250. Thanks!
  19. JordanDangerfield

    [WTS] BBC Bassett Shorties

    I have a set of Bassett Shorties for a jet boat. They are freshly re-chromed and haven’t been installed since the coating. I’m located in Winchester, CA. Asking $700. Thanks!
  20. JordanDangerfield

    [WTS] Random Parts

    If you see something you want, make an offer. The white ski tow is BBF, the polished is BBC I have a set of 396 Heads. The casting number is posted below. $100 I also have a Holley 750 DP that needs to be rebuilt. $250 obo. I’m located in Winchester, CA. Thanks!