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  1. Hermosa

    Photoglou to pay 500K to Ex GF...

    She might have a little trouble collecting. Just saw the story on TMZ. The story that just won't end. Sweet Jesus.
  2. Hermosa

    Wanted - Power Caster or other trailer mover

    Looking for a good used electric trailer mover, please let me know what you have. thank you Jeff L. jeff.lens@yahoo.com
  3. Hermosa

    Whatever happened to that Shockwave ...

    29' Magnatude that was purchased / built new by a rock star, I think he played with Korn. I remember seeing the boat at the LA show years ago, it was black. I've always wondered what that boat looks like now, if he still owns it, or if it was even used.
  4. Hermosa

    Best way to the NASCAR race from the SFV

    I got tickets for the Nascar race in Fontana for October 11, just trying to figure out the best way to get there. I'll be staying with friends in Granada hills, just off the 210 freeway. Is it best to take the 210 all the way out there, or take the 10?? Also, Google says it's about 70 miles, 2...