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    Stranded on the launch ramp. Need ideas

    I’m at Cattail Cove and my outdrive won’t lower down out of trailer mode. It’s dead on the throttle and on the dash. The fuse is good and I even swapped it out with a different one just to check. Nothing. Everything else works as it should engine starts, trim tabs, lights, blower, pump...
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    DIY Gelcoat repair kit

    What’s a good DIY Gelcoat repair kit? I have a couple small chips that might have started off as stone chips from the highway while trailering. I just noticed them today while cleaning. I chipped them out with a flat blade screwdriver until I reached solid Gelcoat again. It’s odd that these two...
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    How is this news?

    http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/phoenix-man-takes-new-approach-to-land-a-job-by-passing-out-resume-at-intersections I don’t understand how this stuff makes the news. This guy doesn’t wanna work. It’s that simple. I work for one of the biggest General Cotractors on the West Coast...
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    Holiday Weekend BBQ, whatcha doin??

    We’re throwing down some Smoked Fatties today. One is sweet onion, orange bell pepper, garlic and cheddar. The other is sweet onion, portobello, garlic and havarti. I made a Fattie press with PVC, l sautéed the veggies, combined them with the cheese, and stuffed into the tubes, then chilled...
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    New guy from Phoenix

    Hello everybody, I've been reading the forum for a while and finally joined up. My wife and I have been in Phoenix for 6 years from the Chicago area. We had a Baja back at home and boated on the Fox Chain O Lakes, the Misssissippi, Lake Michigan, and we made one trip to LOTO and one to Lake...