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  1. Gramps

    2020 Ram Battery issue

    2020 Ram 3/4 ton with all the extras, has the bigger of the diesel motors. About 8 months old and around 8000 miles. 3 times the dealer (Moss Brothers/Riverside) has put a set of new batteries in it!!!!! they claim nothing is wrong with the electrical system but 20 minutes after a full charge...
  2. Gramps

    Job offer

    Just got an early morning phone call.... I re-retired in March after 51 years of fire, hazmat and admin stuff. Small town about 15 miles from here asked me to come in as a "part time" admin, incident IC for the summer on wildland fires. Hard to say no and hard to say yes.......I need a fishing...
  3. Gramps

    New fire boat on the river and Havasu

    New Fire Boat to Serve Lake Havasu and the Colorado River Yesterday new Boat 18 (BT18) was placed in service in Lake Havasu Landing. The new 28-foot...
  4. Gramps

    Powell ....keep you finger crossed

    Yesterday the water level went up!!!!! First time in a lone time the numbers turned green. Didn't go up much but it is a positive. Up 0.04 of a foot, almost a whopping 1/2"
  5. Gramps

    5/25 Powell status

    Glen Canyon National Recreation Area welcomes visitors to Lake Powell for the Memorial Day holiday and advises there likely will be congestion in all visitor use areas. Please be aware that due to Bureau of Reclamation projections for lower water levels expected over the next several months...
  6. Gramps

    If you are going to Powell soon Dangling Rope closed

    just saw this on FB
  7. Gramps

    Vitamins, supplements

    Seems to be a lot of pills you can buy now to "fix" anything. I know some have helped me ( allergy pills ). I'm seeing more and more ads on TV which makes me think someone is making BIG BUCKS selling supplements. Some OTC vitamins I can understand but other things make me wonder. It seems...
  8. Gramps

    Amazon Music.......thanks

    On the phone with Amazon for 1 1/2 hours yesterday. They "lost" my offline playlist 100 hours+ of my music gone!!!! They claim they have had a problem since the 28th of last month but no idea what the fix is.
  9. Gramps

    new way to treat mussels....

    interesting https://www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2021/04/10/prc-new-5-minute-method-introduced-to-decontaminate-boats-of-pesky-quagga-mussels/#.YHJjWehKiUk
  10. Gramps

    The "old man" list

    I forgot to add kidney stones......all kinds of fun
  11. Gramps

    Seven days to go

    Next Sunday I'm hanging it up. 50 1/2 years. Fire fighting, rescue, medical, hazmat and a little welding in between. Wore the gold badge and bugles the last few years, now it's time for shorts and flipflops.
  12. Gramps

    Dog cancer

    My 5 year old golden Retriever was diagnosed today with two different cancers, Mast Cell (removed with clear margins) and soft cell sarcoma ( with too thin of a margin. The vet recommends he either go to the Phoenix area or Torrance area for radiation. The oncologist group in the Phoenix area...
  13. Gramps

    I won a drawing

    Utah ABC has a drawing every once in awhile, the winners get to buy "rare booze" at the retail price. I entered a few weeks ago. Got a email yesterday saying I was a winner. George T Stagg.... retail $99 I see it on the interweb for $599 - $899 Is it any good???
  14. Gramps

    Covid in plain English

    I find it's been pretty hard to decipher all of the BULL SHIT I hear on the news. Today I received a plain English explanation about covid. My son called awhile ago, he is PAC at Kaiser in Fontana and Ontario. His is an ortho guy but the shit has hit the fan so bad he has been asked to work...
  15. Gramps

    I hate thieves

    someone decided they need my station Smokey the Bear more than we do
  16. Gramps

    Good Mornin....someone has to say it

  17. Gramps

    They are squeezing more out of me

    50 years isn't enough I guess...........
  18. Gramps

    Good night 'merica

  19. Gramps

    Cancer AGAIN

    This past week was hell..........we received a call from our doctor. My wife has had some breathing issues which prompted a trip to the ER. Blood work showed something not right. The doc ordered another test and the results are showing what appears to be MDS, Myelodsplastic syndrome, the...
  20. Gramps

    Looking for a place to build out of California????

    If you want to get of Komiforina. I have 1.25 acres in southern Utah mountains available. 30 x 38 RV barn on the property. Great views. Away from all of the BULL CRAP. Located in the town called Central, about 25 miles north of St. George