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  1. YeahYeah01

    Mud Jacking- High Desert??

    Any inmates know any companies that do Mud or poly Jacking in the High desert, Victorville area? Got a buddy who needs it, had a leaky sprinkler pipe in the back yard and it undermined his Patio a bit, it dropped about 1" before he caught it. Lucky the joint did its job and it separated without...
  2. YeahYeah01

    Not desert storm, but...

    Could be a worse Saturday.. kid free getaway weekend with some friends in temecula. I'll post more pics later. The bar is bad ass. I wouldn't have run my lights over the pool though lol. I did find a baby rattlesnake yesterday though, it's currently under a trashcan with a case of water on...
  3. YeahYeah01


    My son's due in July! Starting to convert the guest bed room into his nursery. I originally painted it a medium grey and luckily my wife is good with that color (definitely surprised lol). But she wants an accent wall and some rustic boards to the bottom. Had to run to fontana to get boards...
  4. YeahYeah01

    Play Ground Padding- Ground cover

    So my daughter is turning 4 next month, so I ordered a big ass play set that should arrive in time. Right not the area that I am going to put it is on pea gravel so I am planning on moving the gravel and leveling out the ground. I started down the rabbit hole of of playground padding. I dont...
  5. YeahYeah01

    Does this look right to you??

    My guys were doing some Asbestos Abatement work in a residential attic yesterday and sent me this picture. I'm no electrician but dam this looks bad. Looks like a fire waiting to happen.
  6. YeahYeah01

    Company truck or vehicle stipend?

    What would be your choice? A nice 4 door company truck with everything covered. Allowed to be used for light personal use as well. Or A vehicle stipend that is enough to cover most payments, insurance, routine maintenance and fuel? The company vehicle would not eliminate any personal vehicle...
  7. YeahYeah01

    Milwaukee tool deal. Ends tonight.

    Home depot has a good sale going on right now on milwaukee tools. I grabbed the 2 4ah battery pack and a new fuel jig saw for $200 bucks. I think it ends tonight...
  8. YeahYeah01

    Replacement Windows?

    I am kicking around the idea of replacing my 20 year old windows with the retrofit style. 100% want to DIY this. I did myself on my old house and it's crazy how easy it was. The problem is: I purchased them directly from a factory that was in Apple Valley but they closed down years ago. Does...
  9. YeahYeah01

    I call BS on that!

    Just fits the mood the last few days. Buddy Brown!! Wake up America.
  10. YeahYeah01

    5 Years Today!

    My wife and I just hit our 5 year anniversary today. Dam time goes by fast! I am a lucky dude that's for sure, I have the most understanding and caring wife. I am not the easiest to put up with at times but she mellows me out! Covid kinda screwed up our plans since we were going to Hawaii...
  11. YeahYeah01

    Weekend Fun (clutch replacement)

    Spent the weekend replacing my younger cousin's (he's 18) clutch on a 93 nissan d21. I am no where near an expert mechanic but I can get by and not scared to get dirty. The kid doesn't know much about cars but was there every step of the way getting dirty and trying to learn as much as he...
  12. YeahYeah01

    Maintenance day.

    Leaving tomorrow for dove hunting so today is Maintenance day for the truck.. Fresh wash/wax to help avoid some of the desert pin stipes. Oil, fuel an air filter changes. I love days like this. When I have no other plans so I'm not rushing, the weather is nice so the garage door is open and...
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    Rusted frame Jeep Wrangler

    Long story short. My Pops bought a 99 Wrangler. He's out of the state right now. Was looking over it for him real quick today and there is significant rust damage to the frame. And some shitty repairs. I just started looking things up online and it seems like a common problem and there are some...
  15. YeahYeah01

    Well the boats gone!

    Bitter sweet day. I loved my boat and it's been rock solid, but going to try and upgrade next year. I Listed it yesterday afternoon, sold this afternoon to the first person that looked at it for 1k over asking. Had 4 back up sight unseen offers. Crazy times. I had it for 5 years and sold it...
  16. YeahYeah01

    Small Business Loans

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a got to for Small business loans? Not the COVID disaster loan just a normal small business loan. Got a buddy just starting out and looking to expand with some new equipment. EDIT. I know he can sign up through the SBA website and get paired with someone...
  17. YeahYeah01

    Thanks OldSchoolBoats!!

    Just a quick thanks and shout-out to OldSchoolBoats (Joe). Tackled my refi with an awesome rate and easy process. We're also working with him on the Havasu house (if we even find one lol). It was super easy to be able to work on both the prequal stuff and the refi stuff at the same time.
  18. YeahYeah01

    Puppy life jacket?

    So Amazon screwed us on shipping. One day shipping on Monday means a delivery on Saturday... Heading to Havasu this afternoon and need to pick up a puppy life jacket and booties. Anyone know where to pick one up in Town? Trying to find a decent deal since she will out grow it fast.
  19. YeahYeah01

    Which inmate?

    Saw this on the 15 before the 215/15 split. Was very disappointed when i passed them. It was an old dude and an old lady. No cam I want to see lol.
  20. YeahYeah01

    How tall is your Tritoon/Pontoon??

    We're looking at houses and down the road I can see us in a Tritoon but want to make sure an average Tritoon will fit. I know there are a ton of variables with manufactures and trailers, tires, ECT. Edit: with Bimini down lol. Just looking for some numbers to get an idea of what will work...