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  1. ACS

    AV gas on north side of Havasu / who has it with long hoses

    The airport is where I go. They changed the gate code, does anyone have the new one.
  2. ACS

    Lets see those boats

    New to me 28 Skater
  3. ACS

    New Campbell Cove Gas Pumps

    Since this a gas station thread, does anyone know the new airport gate code {Havasu). I went to gate five for fuel and the old code does not work anymore. I called the phone number on the fence and they let me in but I‘m not sure if someone will always be available.
  4. ACS

    Boat Sales Tax

    If you buy a boat from a dealer (consignment) tax will be due in AZ. I purchased a boat threw Maxed out Marine two years ago and sales tax was paid.
  5. ACS

    Good thing her airbags deployed

    Looks like she should have used Gorilla glue.
  6. ACS

    Honda xr100

    This is my wife’s bike. It’s a 1988 xr100. Bike runs great with newer tires. She is done with it so it’s time to go. $1200 obo located in Simi Valley Sold
  7. ACS

    1990 Fox body mustang (project)

    The Car has not ran since 99. Most the parts new or rebuilt located in SimI Valley
  8. ACS

    1990 Fox body mustang (project)

    Looking to sell my mustang. I bought this car in 95 when I graduated high school. I drove it for two years while I accumulated the parts. Sometime between 98 and 99 the project began. I installed everything I could do myself but then it was time for some fabrication. I dropped the car off at the...
  9. ACS

    26 RPM Redline

    Thank you RD. Do you know if the boat does actually plane faster without it?
  10. ACS

    26 RPM Redline

    Does anyone know why they filled in the notch on this boat but not this one
  11. ACS

    26 RPM Redline

    I was looking for information about this boat. I really like this outboard version but was not sure if it was ever dialed in. I saw top speed was in the 90s but thought it should run in the 105-110 range. Who has some insight. Thanks,Nicholas
  12. ACS

    Old gas

    Dave, I’ll run it in my vehicles. If you Are in Havasu this weekend bring to me.
  13. ACS

    1992 Ski Centurion. Sold

    Sold. Thanks RDP
  14. ACS

    What member spun out their Daytona in front of me today?

    Was this a 27 Daytona? They have no spray rail and are much easier to spin out. With too much trim it is easy. I have been in one while it happened. It’s puckering to say the least.
  15. ACS

    [WTB] Anything on here for poor people?

    https://www.riverdavesplace.com/forums/threads/1992-ski-centurion.200502/ What kind of boat are you looking for?
  16. ACS

    1992 Ski Centurion. Sold

    Bump. Let’s make a deal. I want the room in my garage. In Havasu this week. $8000 Nicholas.
  17. ACS

    1992 Ski Centurion. Sold

    Bump. Leaving for Havasu tomorrow. If anyone would like to see it this weekend let me know.
  18. ACS

    1992 Ski Centurion. Sold

    Bump. Headed to Havasu this weekend if anyone would like to see it.
  19. ACS

    1992 Ski Centurion. Sold

    February bump with a new price $9000.
  20. ACS

    Havasu garage mini split

    Thank you for the replies. It looks like 4 tons will not be sufficient. I need to need 5+ tons.