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  1. Boat Doctor

    HEY LAM!!! New Nordic Jet Bote and Movie Deal

    So I have been waiting to post that my wife and I have purchased the Nordic 24sx jet, because we are going to have it made into and open bow and I wanted to post about it when it was all done but I can't wait anymore so here it is! Our 5 year old daughter Kira loves it! The even cooler...
  2. Boat Doctor

    Boat camping on Havasu

    Looking to do some tent camping from the boat and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for the best spots on Havasu? I would like to be able to have a camp fire and the state park camping sites won't allow that, are you able to have one at the BLM camp sites? Anything I should be aware of...
  3. Boat Doctor

    New to the river!!!

    Hey everyone, my name is Kyle and I’m new to rdp and the Havasu area. Moved from Chicago a few months ago after the decision was made to sell our family owned marina and campground and get away from the cold weather for good. Have an old Searay Seville and a few PWC’s that we will have out on...