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  1. hallettheck

    Auto Gun Safe

    Still available. Will be in Parker for the float June 11 - 15, if any interest.
  2. hallettheck

    Riverside Peeps

    Try Woodys Brewhouse in Moreno Valley.....BBQ and more...large enough for a group.....indoor and outdoor available.... if you call for reservation tell him BOB recommended
  3. hallettheck

    Kids first solo at Mesa airport

    Funny story about first solo cross country...Van Nuys to Baker in 1971....landed ..nothing there...then...all of a sudden, car comes out of nowhere .....lady jumps out..wants to know if I am all right..."sure just need someone to sign my log book" (proof to instructor that I really went) I said...
  4. hallettheck

    Viva San Felipe! Here we come!

    We just got back I was one of those Harley riders been doing it since 08 great weekend great weather great time
  5. hallettheck

    Kids first solo at Mesa airport

    After a career in flying, and 13,000+ hours I still can remember the first solo
  6. hallettheck

    What to do in DFW Texas area?

    If really hungry "HARD 8 BBQ"
  7. hallettheck

    Glock 26

    I had good luck wit “Gun Broker”. Know what you want and set a limit.
  8. hallettheck

    Best TV Show Intro-Song of All Time???

    Guys I think you've missed it !!!!!
  9. hallettheck

    Pontoon Restoration In Havasu

    Had are floor done on a Playcraft by Shimmer.....great and reasonable
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    or this
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    Lowered price to $12,000
  12. hallettheck

    Front Shocks Escalade Yukon Tahoe

    lowered price ....$200
  13. hallettheck

    Cadillac escalade

    unfortunately I need to move mine. It has 21,509 miles ....perfect condition All options wit HUD....I use 91 and get 20 mpg on trips to Havasu.... PM me if any additional info needed
  14. hallettheck

    Front Shocks Escalade Yukon Tahoe

    $ 300.....on ebay for $380 New unopened in original box...should fit 2007 - 2014 please research Arnott front shocks for Tahoe Yukon Escalade Please check part number for proper fit.... bought for a 2007 model Part Number: SK-2954 This front coil-over shock SK-2954 is the perfect replacement...
  15. hallettheck

    Solar lease questions

    A lot of negative things said about Solar City....My experience with them has been as they promised. I leased it...no money exchanged.....anything go wrong they repair, "NO CHARGE" they monitor via wifi...and notify if something wrong, which has only been 3 times, (hassle free). Called me...
  16. hallettheck

    Favorite Chips and salsa.

    For me hands down El Torito’s
  17. hallettheck


    copied a link to Craig List Palm Springs, where I have listed my 2011 HD CVO......all the options came standard on a CVO. $14,500 which is the middle of the market on NADA. Bike a me in PSP. 760 9928460 ( no text phone ) all the info and additional pic's on bike can be found Craig List...
  18. hallettheck

    Auto Gun Safe

    Center console gun safe....( by Console Vault) model # 1018..... fits ... 2007 - 20014 Escalsde and Tahoe's. May work for full size vehicle. Will be in Havasu this weekend...(Sept. 25 - 27). $225...(760) 638-6949
  19. hallettheck

    Thanks Shimmer

    Just had flooring completed on Playcraft....Great job (quality and through work) Thanks Michael and Anita
  20. hallettheck

    Need an alternator

    a year ago need one late Saturday .... All American hooked me up....didn't lose a day on the lake.... much THANKS