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    Desert Storm Shootout “C’Mon Man”

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    Mike Finnegan’s new 21 Daytona!!

    Dave, I noticed you wrote when "we" go racing. Do you have some $kin in this project?
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    Nobody is required to work or shop there.
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    Guns & Ammo section ???

    I would like G&A please.
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    18+ lounge?

    G&A please.
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    I'd like to get in G&A also.
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    Must see Formula 1 crash this morning

    I think Merc likes the potential of Lewis winning an eighth championship in their car. Not sure if they want a driver who would be a serious threat to him.
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    For the left leaning inmates, why?

    By whom?
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    Re: the debate

    The President should get with Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager to learn some tips on how to debate. It's painful to watch. He has so much ammo and opportunities to score points but needs the debating skill.
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    Steering Helm

    Why is 70mph the magic number?
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    Running Red Lights....

    In my area people in vehicles do whatever they feel like, whenever they want. It’s pretty much like a busy lake day. They come at you from any and all directions.
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    New project with a bladder problem......

    How about contacting the manufacturer, explain the situation and see if they will provide some input on what they think possible solutions might be. It’s possible they would offer some help to point you in a safe direction. Interesting challenge, good luck with it.
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    Need advice (boating content - Sorry)

    How about a Howard 255, those sound like a versatile option.
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    So who got the Flat delivered?

    Ever notice how new cars transported. :)
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    The video the Left doesn't want you to see..."There is a cure for Covid-19" - REAL SCIENCE FROM REAL DOCTORS

    I am not able to watch the video without signing up for some unknown. How about a clean link.
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    Winner of asshole of the day award.

    Yea, those plumbers......
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    Numbers Fire / Camera?

    We are visiting my brother just north of Reno. Was going to go home today using 395 south. Now we will either use 80 to 5 south or wait for 395 to be opened.
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    The woman who made our family possible has gone to be with our lord...

    I am so sorry. RIP Wendy.
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    The Ridge and other "minimalist" style wallet thoughts

    They look to me like they would be too rigid. My traditional wallet has some compliance to help with comfort.