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  1. Toolman

    Bypass Tubes

    Some bypass tubes for these brass valves which apparently leak like a shooting range beer can and drip even after rebuilding. I think the boat is a “Chica” or something like that.
  2. Toolman

    12 Inch Atlas Lathe

    So I scored another lathe. This one is a mid 60s Atlas 12 inch lathe under the Sears Craftsman logo. It wasn’t running when I got it because it had about a dozen things wrong with it. A loose setscrew on the motor pulley, a shot power cord, some broken off bolts, some missing handles, and a...
  3. Toolman

    Shars Vises

    I love my Shars vises. Easy to use and easy to maintain. I can tear one of these down to bare frame in 5 minutes. We own 7 of these in 4 inch and 6 inch versions. I just threw away 2 Kurt 2 station vises that were the worst investment ever.
  4. Toolman

    Soft Jaw Halo

    When cutting soft jaws to hold apart on the OD it’s fairly easy by clamping in a spacer or a socket inside the jaws and do the cutting. When clamping on the ID of a part creates more of a problem getting the soft jaws cut precisely making up for the slop in the chuck when it’s expanding to grip...
  5. Toolman

    10 inch Atlas Lathe

    So a friend calls me and says he is at an estate sale and there is a really old lathe bolted to a giant bench inside the garage for sale. He sent me a picture of it, and I told him to buy it and bring it straight to me. It’s 1940s vintage. It’s filthy dirty and I will be posting pics of my...
  6. Toolman

    V-Drive Rigging

    Helping a customer machine a bunch of custom v- drive components for his set up. For example, the four link rail mounts were originally designed as a typical right angle block. We got crazy and stretched the block and leaned it towards the V-Drive giving it a modern swoopy look.
  7. Toolman

    Hard at work

    This is how the wife runs our machines.
  8. Toolman

    Just Goofin' with PLA

    This prop was a 30 hr print.
  9. Toolman

    Turning Some Brass Nozzles on my Mini CNC Lathe

    This machine probably makes the most money (profit) of any of the machines in my shop. No coolant, small footprint, very little maintenance, and runs on 110v. It will hold + or - .00005 all day. Getting it up to temp is the trick. Once it's warmed up, it's on baby! I have a tolerance of + or -...
  10. Toolman

    Radial Trailer Tires

    This is a 18' v-6 I/O run about. GVW tag on trailer shows 3k lbs. I've always run nylon bias ply tires on it. My local Goodyear guru talks me into radial trailer tires. These are Goodyear Marathon P215 75R-14's load range C. I have 50 psi in them. I'm disturbed by the massive bulge at the...
  11. Toolman

    Heavy Metal

    This is 1040 high carbon wear plate. They are guide rails for a steel rolling mill. First I square up the hardened flame cut sides as far down as I can go without hitting vise jaws. Then fly cut top surface with 4" face mill which did not work so well. Started picking up a chatter and had to...
  12. Toolman

    Need a good Bimini builder in Havasu

    Need a Stainless Bimini top fabbed in Havasu. Thx
  13. Toolman

    Is this not the cuttiest thing you ever saw?

    My little Prolight cnc lathe by Light Machines. 3'' chuck, uses a Fanuc post processor, that's a 286 computer pentium zero, and runs on 110v. I just use it to make brass air nozzles. https://youtu.be/oYLyEsH16JM
  14. Toolman

    Fresh Off The CNC

    Prop Shaft Coupler. This coupler spins concentric and is balanced. Made from 303 s.s. Shaft sizes are 1.375/1.125. All threaded holes are fine pitch. Grooves on outside of coupler are for balance. This coupler is a direct replacement for most existing couplers. This is a collaboration between...
  15. Toolman

    Aluminum Motor Stands

    Material is 1x1x.125 sq tube. Base measures 10"x13". These are bench top work stands that hold an electric motor for re-building. They will be Tig welded.
  16. Toolman

    Long Lost Pics

    My mother's b'day was a week ago. She turned 80. I'm 60. So we had a little get together at her place for just family. Pizza, ice cream, cokes, and an old family album I'd not seen before. It was like a 2nd album that my mother had thrown all the leftover pictures from the main album. So I'm...
  17. Toolman

    Test Fixture/Warning!!! Billet Overload

    This tool is a test fixture for a Flux Capacitor Housing that Schiada is testing for future power plants. This is one of the reasons the Super V-Drive was created.
  18. Toolman

    OMC 800 Series Trim Problem

    Our family boat is a 18' Wellcraft with a 4.3 Chevy OMC 800 hydraulic trim outdrive. The trim bleeds down from all the way up to all the way down in about 15 mins. It's a pain constantly trimming the boat. The cylinders show no leaks. The whole system is not leaking. Could the cylinders still...
  19. Toolman

    Collins "Super V- Drive" for Schiada

    I designed this one about a year ago and have been just sitting on it waiting for a reason to build it. The reason finally came thru the door named Stan from Schiada Boats. He was here to look at my standard v-drives when he says "I want a bigger gear, but not lose the water jacket". We walked...
  20. Toolman

    Wheeler, Clear Out UR Inbox!!!!

    I sent u a pm. Says ur inbox is full.