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  1. Richard.E

    Pay up you Racists lol

    These folks are unbelievable. Lol The amount of white libs that buy into this crap is simply stunning.
  2. Richard.E

    Roomba vs Dog Shit

    Jesus Christ... I had always heard about this happening and thought this would never happen to me... my dog hasn’t had an accident since he was a puppy. I gave my dog a few bones from the steaks we had for dinner yesterday (which I got from Joel and they were awesome) and I guess it didn’t...
  3. Richard.E

    That’s enough internet for me today

    PSA: These kinda people are voting and reproducing as well.
  4. Richard.E

    In today’s mountain lion news

    http://www.dailynews.com/101-freeway-crossing-to-give-mountain-lions-other-wildlife-room-to-roam Surprisingly I’d rather my tax dollars go to a mountain lion bridge instead of drug addict homeless housing. How long until this Mountain Lion has a guaranteed pension? He already gets free...
  5. Richard.E

    Bird Scooters

    Have been on Balboa Peninsula for the last few days. These idiots are just openly crossing traffic in the street while texting. Doing 15 mph up & down the boardwalk swerving in and out of traffic. Somebodies gonna get hurt on these things. Also, they just park them in the middle of the...
  6. Richard.E

    ***Extremely GRAPHIC*** Carbide Drill Bit vs Hand

    Works great for composite drilling, works even better on bone, skin, and ligaments. Lol
  7. Richard.E

    [WTS] 1995 Hallett 240

    1995 Hallett 240 closed bow. Classic gel. 575 hours Mercury 502 Mag EFI. Immaculate condition. Three Batteries, bimini top, upgraded sound system. Trim tabs and Bravo one drive. Three axle trailer with good tires. Located in havasu 30k Text or call ‭(951) 712-4304‬
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    Cutting edge CNC?

  9. Richard.E

    TAX ID Question

    Ok so I plan on selling 2 vehicles to a business who plans on using them In Mexico. They have purchased them from a company in San Diego in the past. The customer told me they are "tax exempt" and San Diego companies are able to accept her Mexican Tax ID. My business is located in OC, so I'm...
  10. Richard.E

    RD SUX sighting in Long Beach

    Must have not had enough pie yesterday lol. Stopped by Polly’s on Atlantic for another slice.
  11. Richard.E

    St. Louis recommendations

    Pops is heading out to Missouri next week for an audit... looking for food recommendations. Any good bbq or steak places? Thanks.
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  13. Richard.E

    This is getting ridiculous

    What's next? apple pie is racist too? [emoji23]
  14. Richard.E

    Am I getting shafted or is this normal operation?

    So here's my experience with a service shop in Hurricane Utah. Never thought I would miss the mechanics in Havasu. Rogers performance marine... Got it winterized in October, no issues. They Said everything was fine.... Last month I pull it out of the garage, let it run on the hose and the...
  15. Richard.E

    2009 Audi Q7

  16. Richard.E

    Help on Rice Road

    Anyone coming this way tonight??? Buddy's caddy just threw a tread. Stuck 15 minutes before rail road tracks. Spare has a flat. Anyone wanna come pick me up and give me a ride into Parker or Havasu.
  17. Richard.E

    My Buddy got a new boat

    I heard these were a little popular on here, thought I would share. New to him 240. Our other buddy upgraded to a 285 deck at the boat show and cut him a great deal on this 240. Is RD still giving away shirts for new boat owners?
  18. Richard.E

    Segway i2 SE

    Brand new in the box. 0 miles. Comes with 1 year warranty. $5500 Perfect bar hopper for anyone that lives near the beach [emoji482][emoji482][emoji482][emoji482] Also have used ones I can sell for a cheaper price.
  19. Richard.E

    1960 was a hell of a year to be working in aerospace

    This was a huge program at the time, I think the US ended up with over 30k nuclear armed missiles. Overkill and then some, but Eisenhower certainly put a lot of bread on the table with defensive spending like this. Been pretty good for my family as my grandpa was in propulsion rocketry, my dad...
  20. Richard.E

    Good times at LAX

    Just got stuck in traffic outside the terminal for 90 minutes picking up my parents. This was one of the highlights