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  1. bilz

    Echo and Ring

    Amazon echo and ring cameras will share wifi with neighbors in 10 days. Article on 5/29. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/05/amazon-devices-will-soon-automatically-share-your-internet-with-neighbors/
  2. bilz


    First day not making the drive to DTLA in almost 34 years.
  3. bilz

    Saturn and Jupiter

    Any one checking this out?
  4. bilz

    Eastwood welders

    Anyone ever use any of the Eastwood welders? https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-elite-mp140i-multi-process-welder-mig-tig-stick.html
  5. bilz

    Home improvement question

    1200 sq ft home with detached garage. Need re roof, sand blast, stucco, wood work painted and the whole thing tented. Best to go separate or find a contractor?
  6. bilz

    Did you feel it?

    Small roller in Whittier.
  7. bilz

    Registration question

    About 16 years back, I gifted a utility trailer to my nephew. I believe I sent in a released of liability to the DMV. Yesterday I got the trailer back. He never transfered it to his name. I have the pink , Bill of sale(gift) that I gave him originally. Do I need to register it again to me?
  8. bilz

    Good bye little girl

    Said good bye to our little dog yesterday. She was a 15year old terrior mix. A rescue dog my wife and boys picked up. She had spirit all the way til the end. Kidney disease got her. Tough drive home from the vet. She will be missed. Havasujeeper posted Rainbow Bridge in Namba860's thread about...
  9. bilz

    Tire pressure gauge

    Looking for a good gauge for cars. Also for a filler. Tired of that H F stuff. What do you pros use?
  10. bilz

    Water in the motor.

    A friend of mine has a 2001 210, 700 hours on the 350 magnum. Water in 4 & 6. Looking for ideas and rough cost. Rebuild, go big block, or Scorpion. Looking for more top end.
  11. bilz

    Bomb in Dowtown LA today

    Nothing on the radio or tv, but around Temple and Los Angeles, tons of LAPD and Bomb Squad around 11 am. Then aroun d 145 or so boom! ST till nothing in the news.
  12. bilz

    What to see.. Fort Worth area?

    Heading out this weekend. Staying in Benbrook. Any must see things to do?
  13. bilz

    Thirty years ago today,

    I married my best friend. Best thing I have ever done. Parties , concerts the river ,camping, you name it we did it. Cub Scout Den leader, Religious Ed. Teacher, she helps all and takes care of me. Mother of two Eagle Scouts and an angel with my dad before he passed. I am truly a blessed man.
  14. bilz

    Costco clearance warehouse???

    People have talked about a Costco clearance center anywhere from Duarte to Azusa along the 210. No one has actually said they have been there. One person said it goes by a 3 letter name. Is it a big mystery or an urban legend. Supposedly they sell the returns and end season leftovers. But only...
  15. bilz

    29 years today

    Married the best person in the world. Spent the last 9 days in Havasu. Dam glad we found each other.
  16. bilz

    40 W/B

    2 rigs got into it just b4 Geoffs. 1 lane closed. Completely stopped at Geoffs, cms says CHP break for road work.
  17. bilz


    Flying out over the weekend for a funeral. Although not exactly why I would like to travel, we will have a some time to look around. Any thing I should not miss,or any places to grub ?
  18. bilz

    Pro rating tires

    Any one know how this works. I have 4 yokohama tires on my camry. They are 60 k rated but will only make around 36k. The replacements cost @140 each. When I inquired at Americas tires the guy just stated that i should get some cash back. Never gave me an answer. Any tire guys around?
  19. bilz

    Long shot

    Looking for some old school Winos?
  20. bilz


    Out at Irwindale tonight. Pack 94 Filmore did a great flag salute. San Dimas high did a cool National Anthem. Buddies twins racing Enduro. And figure 8.