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  1. Dana757

    Raised 'em right!

    I always here the negative of this generation's youth so figured I'd share a positive. This happened to couple life long friends mine, high school sweethearts and such. We all grew up in the same neighborhood. Jon didn't hang out with us stoners. Always kept his nose to the grindstone. He...
  2. Dana757

    A little boat video for you snowed in / frozen folks. :D

    Super Bowl Sunday running the river with Flat Nutz. I kept forgetting to turn the camera on but here's a mix of what I did get.
  3. Dana757

    How I spent Super Bowl Sunday =^^=

    I have no idea who won and no idea who lost the game. But I felt like we were winning all day yesterday! It was perfect at Parker all day long.
  4. Dana757

    Outlaw Nationals second run

    Ok here we go. This is video of the second run. The goal that day was really to just run the boat and not run out of talent. After the fact I was kinda down on myself for how I drove. But after reviewing the tape ....... I did alright alright. Not where I need to be but it will come...
  5. Dana757

    Bungholio issues .....

    No not that! :D Went to install a new custom built fuel tank and ran into a snag. Couldn't get a fitting in any of the top ports. Not even 1/4 turn. The thread gauge should go down to the notch, not even close. Was told to try and tap the bungs by the manufacture. I was reluctant to do...
  6. Dana757

    So tell John Milner

    So tell John Milner I'm gonna be looking for him. :) Anyone else feeling like an outlaw?? My first time driving this will be at the Outlaw Nationals over Thanksgiving. I'm almost kinda intimidated .... almost
  7. Dana757

    And the Republican nomination for county sheriff is .....

    And the Republican nomination for county sheriff is a transsexual, satanits, anarchist that ran on a fuck the police platform. Just goes to show the majority vote party lines and really do not know much about all the candidates they are voting for...
  8. Dana757

    SOLD! Turbo stuff!

    2 never used Innovative turbo systems turbos and waste gates. I can't remember the wheel sizes. Turbos have 4" inlet and T4 style flanges on the hot sides. CMI headers with s.s. transitions. Headers are not perfect as you can see. The waste gate piping will need welded in. 2 carb boxes for...
  9. Dana757

    SOLD! Turbo carb scoops, s.s.

    New never used scoops that you see on old school turbo engines. These are for 4150 series or equivalent carbs. Mike at Rex had these made for me. Have no idea what I paid for them. But I'm sure I'm taking a hit at 200.00 for the pair. Do not want to separate them. Located in Placentia, CA...
  10. Dana757

    Optima billet battery tray

    Optima billet battery tray, new, never installed. 75.00 Located in Placentia, CA. Do not really want to ship but could at your expense. Please contact me here of email sweetperformance at sbcglobal.net
  11. Dana757

    SOLD Dart Tunnel Ram BBC tall deck

    Dart tunnel ram for a TALL deck big block chevy. Never installed on an engine. It's been gasket matched and cleaned up inside. Has a top for 2 Dominator. Missing the hardware for the top. Quick trip to hardware store will solve that. Summit has this listed right now for $871.03. I'm...
  12. Dana757

    So anyway ...... let's go for another ride in the flattie ok

    I gave a jet boat guy a ride and now he's putting a flat together! lol
  13. Dana757

    Lets go for a ride ok? I'll drive

    Had "The Alarm Clock" out at Parker with my quarantine buddy last weekend. We stayed at least 6' from shore. =^^=
  14. Dana757

    Arizona Peace Trail questions

    I'm looking to do the western (river) from Yuma to Kingman fairly soon. Most likely solo Jeep (yeah I know) with an inexperienced person in the other seat. From what I can tell most looks pretty easyish. How much would I rely on a spotter in the other sections?? Jeep is on 35's with front...
  15. Dana757

    When did it become ok to bully a chick??

    I get RDP is not politically correct and all but shit talking (bullying) a chick?? Really??
  16. Dana757

    GoPro sticky mounts

    How well do they stick?? Do you think it will hang in there or any better ideas? I haven’t stuck the sticky mount down yet.
  17. Dana757

    So I drove Rice Road last weekend. Here's how it went

    I have been going through Ehrenberg but thought what the heck. Old times sake let's take Rice. Friday I rolled into Parker about 6PM just to give a timeline. The road itself is in fantastic shape. Wish all roads in CA were close to as good. I was towing with cruise set at 57MPH knowing I'm...
  18. Dana757

    Outlaw Nationals ... who's NOT going??

    I WON"T be looking forward to burning 50 gallons of fuel that day. :)