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  1. YeahYeah01

    The Cajon Pass Slow Traffic Phenomenon

    The weather was pretty nice today though
  2. YeahYeah01

    The Cajon Pass Slow Traffic Phenomenon

    Many morning and afternoons it's jammed both ways. You used to basically be and to set your watch to it. Now I'll leave from the IE at 1030am and think I'll be fine and it takes me 2 plus hours to get up the hill.
  3. YeahYeah01

    The Cajon Pass Slow Traffic Phenomenon

    I drive it almost daily. It's insane. So frustrating to go from 10mph to 80 with no indication as to why.
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    They make it hard. That's all they ask over and over. When we bought my wife's edge I told him it doesn't matter what the payment is. He said what do you mean?? What is it's $2000 a month... Idiot lol. I said I'm buying at 25k suv not a house I already have an idea what it will be. Just tell...
  5. YeahYeah01

    Lake Havasu Marina Slip

    Even if I were expecting it to look like that it would still suck to see it. Lol. I had one for a week and got the water line and even that sucked lol
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    House build problem

    These pictures hit a little close to home lol. Not even the quality of the actual grout job. It's the damn mess. If you walked into the house and it was completely spotless you may have still noticed some of the grout imperfections but it wouldn't be as severe. I'm a broken record with my...
  7. YeahYeah01

    RIP SBCO Sgt. Vaca

    Dammit. RIP.
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    How many of you can read a 2D part drawing ("prints")?

    I do it for a living as well. Just never had any formal training. Doing select demo I don't have to get very detailed but have to be able to read the basics of all the MEP drawings, roof plans, floor plans, as well as just the demo plans. You can't trust the demo drawings so I learned to...
  9. YeahYeah01

    Public school curriculum BS

    After this post I looked into Private School. There is only a couple close, they are both Christian schools. We are not super religious but still have a lot of those values so I am going to talk to the wife. Just over 6k a year and they give a discount for the 2nd kid. We can afford it but...
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    Public school curriculum BS

    Crazy that we would have to do that. We can afford it but just stupid that we may to take this route.
  11. YeahYeah01

    Public school curriculum BS

    This sucks. I have a 4 year and one on the way. Going to have to deal with this shit.
  12. YeahYeah01

    I’m a shitty golfer...

    Got my ass kicked at Glen Ivy in Corona today. 1st time playing there, it plays well but man the rough was thick. I could not get my drives under control, just spraying all over. They were either Money or gone. Had at least 12 penalty strokes and shot 96. Plus is was one of those days where you...
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    I’m a shitty golfer...

  14. YeahYeah01

    Blackstone griddles

    Complete fail! I cheated and got the premade/marinaded shit from staters. Cooked up decent and definitely was not overcooked but then went to dig in and the chicken was rubbery. Sucks because the marinade was good on the veggies. Turned into quesadillas, beans and rice lol.
  15. YeahYeah01

    Blackstone griddles

    Fajita night!
  16. YeahYeah01

    Stuck at pirates needles

    Sorry you got stuck but man it's awesome too see this post and everyone is willing to go out of there way to help.
  17. YeahYeah01

    I’m a shitty golfer...

    78 is no joke man. I need to break 80!
  18. YeahYeah01

    Possible Vin inlet pics:

    Pretty much sums it up. Been a passenger before when we hit one, stopped us in our tracks. Lucky, we were only going about 25 to 30. I had just stood up in the bow to readjust or something and caught myself but the other 3 people in the bow slammed into me. Shins were Fuc** for a couple weeks...
  19. YeahYeah01

    What the best thing you bought this year??

    That looks awesome. Probably a new blender/smoothie maker. I make a smoothie almost every morning. It's helped regulate my blood pressure, it started to creep a bit. Oh and a swing set for my kid. She outside almost every day weather permitting now...
  20. YeahYeah01

    U2 over Lake Tahoe

    Ya. I've had to use a few working around stuff that would not be fun if it went boom. Definitely expensive tools lol