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  1. TX Foilhead

    Good Morning

    Good Morning everyone. Up early ready for these guys even though that guy in the green shirt tried to keep us up a late last night.
  2. TX Foilhead

    Marble Falls

    The big rigs were lined up 5 blocks long this afternoon waiting to get into the pits when they open tomorrow. Anybody from out west heading this way? I know we'll see JBG, not expecting to see Andju this year, I imagine Ramp Girll will be working on something, but I'm not sure how many boats...
  3. TX Foilhead

    DJ's. WTF

    Don't have a link from the phone, but who saw the article on Yahoo about Vegas DJ's making 8 figures a year, 6 figures a show?
  4. TX Foilhead

    Drag Boats in Marble Falls this weekend.

    The Marble Falls race is this weekend, I know most here are in CA/AZ, but there are a few members here in the Lone Star State. We're expecting 125 to 150 boats. Rivergames and the P550 are on the way and Rampgirlll and the Texas Bounty Hunter are coming down from DFW. Any other RDP...