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  1. One2go

    WTB. Sand Car ...SCU,SU,.... ?

    Anything out there not currently on str8 up trader or Race dez.Currently have a funco gen 4,looking to upgrade.50-100 k Thanks
  2. One2go

    Sydney Powell basically spells it out. !!

    This is clear as it gets on fraud
  3. One2go

    Johnny Cash documentary “The gift“

    This is one of the most best documentaries I’ve seen.
  4. One2go

    Can Am clutch is toast?

    2018 XRS 2 seat. Service guy says needs new clutch,or at least whole bunch of parts to rebuild. What is the go to aftermarket set up. If I'm gonna do it why not upgrade it !
  5. One2go

    Flat tow vehicle.

    Bought diesel pusher and guy was towing a Jeep Wrangler,He’s giving me the tow bar. Not sure wife’s up for the ride of wrangler anyone have other options they tow. Was thinking Grand Cherokee, but heard it has to have special transfer case ? Anyone have options or suggestions
  6. One2go

    Snug Top Shell for chevy/gmc 8ft bed

    2018 shell was on truck I bought(2015) but have to put lumber rack on.Has adjustable Yakima racks.called shell place new about 3k. Perfect condition. Located in so cal $1000. 626-705-1144
  7. One2go

    Snug Top Shell

    Snug top 2018. Fits 15 and up chevy/gmc HD. Basically brand new ,Bought truck and guy had fairly recently purchased shell. Yakima adjustable racks $1200 626-705-1144