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    24' daycruiser Scarlet Begonia

    Hi, I am the owner of the 24' DC that has been mentioned in a couple of threads here this summer and earlier. According to my trawl through the online Campbell records, the factory built a total of six 24' daycruisers. This boat was built in 1983 with a blown BBC when the factory was going...
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    HB riots and thug culture

    I found this online today and thought it was an interesting take on last weekends events...... Video of Violent, Rioting Surfers Shows White Culture of Lawlessness A frightening and violent mob swept through the normally quiet seaside community of Huntington Beach last night following a...
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    Leno's New Toy: The Bentley Meteor

    I was driving on The Snake yesterday morning in my Lotus 11 replica and I ran into Jay up at the Lookout. I didn't have my phone, but I found a story with pics about the car. He said it was easy to drive, power steering, 850hp and who knows how much torque! The tach was redlined at 2500 and he...
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    How much $ to store a boat inside

    How much $ to store my 24' boat inside near the SFV? I would be willing to drive out of the Valley if the price was right. Thanks
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    Old school interior shops

    I have an early '80s Campbell Daycruiser that is due for a new interior this winter. The boat is one of only six 24' Daycruisers made, most 24's were cuddy cabin boats, and is a perfect match for us and the way we boat. I want to junk all the original interior and replace it with new. This means...
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    Excursion vs F-250 Crew Cab

    I have a 2000 F-250 Crew Cab with cap with the 7.3 diesel that we mostly use to drive all our stuff 800 miles oneway to Bullfrog on Lake Powell, also to tow our boat once in a while. The problem is that our Lariat version of this chassis is leaving me wornout at the end of the day. Just too damn...
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    Game Cameras, anyone use them?

    Hi all, I have had a Chinese game camera set-up in the hills south of Ventura Blvd for a month or so. So far I have some great shots of a fawn and her two does, a few coyotes and three shots of a lynx. Also a bunch of squirrels, rabbits, mice and skunks. It has a motion sensor, IR light and is...
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    What if the MIA wants to be forgotten?

    What a strange story...... http://www.theweek.co.uk/film/52775/john-hartley-robertson-documentary-unclaimed-michael-jorgenson-vietnam 44 years missing and he was in Vietnam all along.
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    You can't make this shit up!

    Woman arrested 396 times tells parole board she can change: found God. http://www.abajournal.com/mobile/article/woman_arrested_396_times_tells_parole_board_she_can_change/?utm_source=maestro&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weekly_email
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    Encino man arrested in Castaic boating accident

    Anyone know anything about this? http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2013/04/26/encino-man-arrested-in-boating-death-of-16-year-old-boy/ Not much detail, it sounds like he was following too close to the PWC, but who knows with such poor reporting.
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    Too soon for tomatos?

    I put 3 San Marzanno seedlings into pots about mid-March and they are covered with flowers, same with the eggplants. Are these things actually going to start producing fruit this early in the year? I have them planted in a homemade hydroponic system I cobbled together from some Homer buckets and...
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    $4.2M for ladies ambushed by LAPD

    A settlement was announced today in the case of the two newspaper delivery women who were shot up by LAPD during the Dorner affair. $2.1 million each and it was probably a good deal for the city given how much they could have gotten at trial. And the 8 officers involved are still on paid...
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    Naked Survival, seen it?

    I was a big fan of Survivorman with Les Stroud and was sorry to see it go. The other day I recorded a new show with a similar premise: one guy, alone, having to survive. This time they dropped the guy off on a tropical island, buck-ass nekkid with only a first aid kit, 3 cameras and an emergency...
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    Question for a plumber: hammering pipes

    Hi all, the kitchen pipes under the floor have recently started hammering when the water is shut off quickly. We have been here since 1999, house was built in 1967, and the problem just started. I thought that somewhere in the house there was an air filled sphere to cushion the shock and that it...
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    The AQMD wants my car

    Got a letter from the AQMD, they want to test my car for emissions compliance. They will have it for 2 to 3 weeks, give me a free rental and pay me $500. They will also pick up and drop off at my house, return my car washed and with a full tank of gas. This is to monitor the long term...
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    Warning about rattlesnake vaccine

    Those of you who take their dogs on off leash walks and who are counting on the vaccine to buy you some time be advised that the dogs need to get a booster every 6 months. They say the vaccine is an annual, but we lost our little pup last night to a snakebite. He got the anti-venom within 3...
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    Dorner Reward: Who gets it and how much?

    So what do you think? My two cents worth is that the last one to give a useful tip should get the reward. AFAIK the ranger who was carjacked was the last one to see him and to call the cops. As far as how much, Riverside County has a point, the offer was for arrest and conviction, not suicided...
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    Huge shock: fizzy yellow beer is a ripoff!!

    Just for all the Bud and Michelob drinkers out there, your very own class action lawsuit. http://news.yahoo.com/suits-more-water-less-buzz-bud-michelob-beer-200521568--finance.html
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    Is my transmission starting to fail-F250, 7.3?

    In the last month when I shift my 2000 F-250 Powerstroke into D it stays in neutral, I have to drop it into 2 and then bump it back into D for it to go into gear. Once it is in gear it shifts fine. Is this just the linkage or is it internal. Truck has just over 100k, I got it in 2009 at 85k and...
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    REI chief to be new Sec. of Interior

    Sally Jewell, president and CEO of recreational retailer REI has been chosen to head up the Dept. of the Interior. In case you didn't know, REI is a Co-op type operation where the workers and customers own the business. Folks, that's Communism, straight out of Karl Marx: "the workers control the...