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  1. Toolman

    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    Looks like you nailed it dead on. Good work.
  2. Toolman

    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    Check you out! Building tooling and all! Great work!
  3. Toolman

    Bypass Tubes

    Some bypass tubes for these brass valves which apparently leak like a shooting range beer can and drip even after rebuilding. I think the boat is a “Chica” or something like that.
  4. Toolman

    12 Inch Atlas Lathe

    So I scored another lathe. This one is a mid 60s Atlas 12 inch lathe under the Sears Craftsman logo. It wasn’t running when I got it because it had about a dozen things wrong with it. A loose setscrew on the motor pulley, a shot power cord, some broken off bolts, some missing handles, and a...
  5. Toolman

    V-Drive Rigging

    Getting back on the Hydro, the owner says it’s time for motor plate blocks. I have my own style of motor plate blocks, but he commented that they kind of look small compared to the size of the engine of the boat. So I started going through all my pictures of hydros with the gigantic aluminum...
  6. Toolman

    Shars Vises

    I love my Shars vises. Easy to use and easy to maintain. I can tear one of these down to bare frame in 5 minutes. We own 7 of these in 4 inch and 6 inch versions. I just threw away 2 Kurt 2 station vises that were the worst investment ever.
  7. Toolman

    10 inch Atlas Lathe

    I used a piece of 5/8” HSS which fit perfectly.
  8. Toolman

    Aluminum/Wood rolling work benches/carts

    Check you out man! Very nice.
  9. Toolman

    Soft Jaw Halo

    @Racey If you notice that ring is way bigger than my chuck. My chuck is an 8 inch and the ring is a 10 inch. I ordered the larger ring because it has a larger opening inside that I can access the jaws better.
  10. Toolman

    Soft Jaw Halo

    I buy them as blanks with the teeth and bolt holes already machined.
  11. Toolman

    Soft Jaw Halo

    When cutting soft jaws to hold apart on the OD it’s fairly easy by clamping in a spacer or a socket inside the jaws and do the cutting. When clamping on the ID of a part creates more of a problem getting the soft jaws cut precisely making up for the slop in the chuck when it’s expanding to grip...
  12. Toolman

    10 inch Atlas Lathe

    The big Atlas gets its first paying job! Facing off stamped brass washers to get them flat for a nylon valve seat seal. $20 baby! Oh ya! 🤓
  13. Toolman

    10 inch Atlas Lathe

    It’s one of those things where you come across a piece of machinery and you’re getting it so cheap, although you don’t need it, you go ahead and buy it and see if you can put it to work. It will be great for aluminum, plastic, and brass. I will not be single pointing on it because changing the...
  14. Toolman

    10 inch Atlas Lathe

    Something old, something new. I decided to put a quick change tool holder on the machine. So I fabricated an aluminum T-nut and had to grind a little off the top of the compound to clear the tool post. The tool set came from www.littlemachineshop.com. They specialize in bench top machines and...
  15. Toolman

    10 inch Atlas Lathe

    Got the motor cleaned up and running on the pallet. Time to mount the whole thing on a heavy duty steel table that I was not using. Turns out, the table is warped from all the welding underneath it. So I had to shim the Lathe to get it in a non-stressed condition. Put a piece of aluminum in the...
  16. Toolman

    10 inch Atlas Lathe

    Nice to be back🤓
  17. Toolman

    Harley-Davidson ends NHRA support; Vance & Hines leaves the sport

    Wouldn’t be surprised Vance and Hines goes back to in-line fours and cleans house. That is if the division survives.