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  1. sdpm

    Carpet Installation Havasu

    Can anyone here recommend a carpet installer in havasu? Need 3 bedrooms and closets done. We already have the carpet and pad. Thanks
  2. sdpm

    Sandpoint, Idaho (Any RDP member’s live there?)

    Hello everyone, Was wondering if anyone here lives in Sandpoint, Idaho or nearby? Would like to chat. Thanks 😊
  3. sdpm

    Arizona Fine Floors Wholesale (Beware)

    Arizona Fine Floors Wholesale ( Debbie Henry) Has wronged some people. We are one of them! If you or someone you might know has been taken, please contact: LHCPD Detective Michael Fuller (928) 854-0884 Case # 20-04092
  4. sdpm

    Havasu House available for Desert Storm

    House for rent available for Desert Storm. 3 be 2 ba. 50 ft RV garage. More R.V. or boat parking along side R.V. garage behind gate. 4 night minimum stay. $300.00 per night and $150.00 cleaning fee. House is located in central Havasu near Cherry Tree and McCulluch. Call for more information and...
  5. sdpm

    Havasu House for Rent (summer)

    Summer house for rent. Central Havasu. 3 br 2 ba. 48 ft RV garage. If interested or would like to see more pictures, please pm me or give me a call. Thanks Neil (619) 987-6018 $175.00 per night $100.00 cleaning
  6. sdpm

    Looking for a house to rent March 22 thru the 28th

    A friend of mine is looking for a house to rent from March 22 thru the 28th. He is in a Bass Fishing Club that is fishing out there that week. If someone has something or knows of something, please let me know. Thanks
  7. sdpm

    Havasu Carpet Cleaner (Steam) ?

    Anyone on here steam clean carpets or know of someone? The last few years we had the carpet cleaned and they used the brush style. Never felt clean. Always was crunchy. Looking for a "real" steam cleaner this time. Not someone with a rental from the supermarket . Thanks
  8. sdpm

    $93,000 Playcraft Tritoon w/ 350 mag ? Really?

    Who would have ever thought a poontoon boat would go for this much? All I can say is wow! http://mohave.craigslist.org/bod/4213291633.html
  9. sdpm

    Havasu Water Pressure/Pressure Regulator Failure?

    Anyone else with homes in Havasu having problems with high water pressure? We have replaced 2 (this will be our 3rd) water pressure regulator on our house in the last 5 years! The plumber told me that they only last about 2 to 3 years out there due to the hard water. Here in San Diego we have...
  10. sdpm

    Looking for A Tile person in Havasu

    I am looking for someone to do a small front porch Tile job in Havasu. Anyone on here or know of someone? Thanks Neil
  11. sdpm

    Hey RD

    I stopped at the south bound Oceanside rest stop earlier today and when I walked into the restroom, there was an older gentleman washing his hands wearing one of your shirts! I asked him, how or why he was so special to get one of these famous shirts? After we talked for a little while (outside...
  12. sdpm

    America's Cup in San Diego

    America's Cup is in San Diego right now doing some Preliminary racing with the smaller 45' boats. If you have never seen these boats up close, they are really something to see. The work/staging area is off limits to spectators, but if you are a little creative and use your words correctly, it's...
  13. sdpm

    Andrew Madoff= Ouccupy

    I watched this guy and his mom last night on 60 Minutes. He should be the poster boy for this "Occupy" crap going on. He made over $60mil in 10 years. Doing what? How many more are out there just like him. Wall Street Brokers playing with other people's lively hoods. When your at or even near...
  14. sdpm

    Subway "Footlong"

    Are these things getting smaller and smaller or what! It still may be 12" long, but damn these things are getting skinny. :cool: And the one close to me took the oven roasted chicken off the $5.00 menu! They are now $6.25. Pissed!!!!
  15. sdpm

    Carpet Cleaning (Steam, Brush, Or ?)

    Last year we had the carpet cleaned and the guy used the 2 rotating wheel/brush type. Looked OK when it was done, but kind of crunchy to walk on when it dried. I asked him how did the dirt get removed when all it did was to spin the wheels around and not extract anything? He said it was the...
  16. sdpm

    New Lift Kit Installed. Do you approve Tom Brown?

    Saw these lift kits yesterday on the way home and thought of you Tom Brown. Do these meet with your approval? ;)
  17. sdpm

    Unsecured (Business) Property Tax!

    Why the hell do I have to pay a tax on my equiptment that is used for my business every year? What a fucking bunch of bullshit! I called the Assessors office yesterday and told them that I don't have any tools or equiptment any longer. She (in a foreign voice that almost impossible to...
  18. sdpm

    Havasu: New Tax for Part Time Residents?

    Anyone know or hear about this. Yesterday my neighbors in Havasu told me about a new tax/fee they are trying to get passed. They want to charge part time residents $200.00 per year. Anyone else see or hear about this?
  19. sdpm

    Needed in Havasu: Handyman/Rock-Concrete Guy.

    Got a call from my Mom's neighbor yesterday and then by Havasu Police dept that someone ran into her rock/concrete mailbox and knocked it off it's foundation. I don't have pictures just yet, but they are being sent shortly. Looking for someone out there that could go take alook and get me an...
  20. sdpm

    Boats for sale on lots in Havasu

    Everytime I'm out in Havasu, I can't help but think about all those new and used boats for sale just sitting on sales lots uncovered. Seems like some of them have been there year after year and never move. Just sitting there in all the weather. 110* plus for months, rain, wind, freeze in the...