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  1. RiverRich

    Ignition Switch

    Is this what you call a four position ignition switch? Boat was crapping out on me over the weekend definitely electrical, losing power (like shutting off) I think this is the culprit.
  2. RiverRich

    Gauge mounts, where to get

    Can anyone tell me where to buy these have several that are cracked gauges are falling out small and large
  3. RiverRich

    1999 Shockwave 22' Lexis

    Great condition and great running. This boat does have a couple minor dings as expected for a 1999 with 430hrs., but color does not show fade. Just before the season it was fully serviced at Dirty Deeds in Parker (bill image posted) and they were very surprised by the hours because of the...
  4. RiverRich

    Bimini Top Directional?

    This has been driving me nuts, is my Bimini Top on backwards? Does it matter? I look at other boats and see them installed both directions...
  5. RiverRich

    1969 Corvette LS-3 Build

    Hope to have this running soon! Any other C-3 fans on this site?
  6. RiverRich

    Plumber in Parker

    Who's the go to Plumber in Parker area? I have a leaky pipe under my mobile (Echo Lodge).