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  1. 702sandman

    Radio lab head sets

    I just upgraded the intercom system in my DCB and have 4 radio lab head sets for sale. 3 are real nice and 1 needs ear cups. $150 for all 4
  2. 702sandman

    Focal speakers

    I just upgraded the 6.5“ in speakers in my DCB so I have 8 focal 6.5“ speakers for sale. they all sound great still and look like brand new so I’m not sure what they are worth so I’ll ask $150 for a pair.
  3. 702sandman

    Pedego electric bicycles

    Any one have any pedego bicycles that they are not using and want to sell ? thanks
  4. 702sandman

    [WTB] jl audio 12W3 subs

    Looking for 2 new 12W3 subs if you have some or know who has some in stock please let me know. Thanks
  5. 702sandman

    Escalade 22” wheels

    I have a set of 22” wheels and tires for our escalade that we sold. The tires are in good shape but have weather cracking on the edges. Pm if interested . $1000
  6. 702sandman

    2013 Cadillac Escalade platinum

    We are upgrading the wife’s caddy it’s a 2013 Escalade with 36K miles it’s in perfect shape no issues at all. Asking 35k ...If interested give me a call at 702-218-7536 Randy
  7. 702sandman

    Power caster pc-3

    Like new power caster pc-3 pm if interested $1100
  8. 702sandman

    Magic boat trailer wheels

    I have 7 wheels and tires from my magic deck boat that I sold. the tires are definitely used but hold air. 1 rim has some road rash on the edges, the other 6 are in nice shape. Looking for $600 for all 7. pm me if you want them, im located in Henderson but I’m able to get them to havasu or so...
  9. 702sandman

    Fork lift sales

    Anyone have a nice forklift for sale ? Need one with pneumatic tires, 2 or 3 mast, side shift is not needed but won’t turn it down and propane. Or know someone that has one for sale ?
  10. 702sandman

    Metal garage/building installers ?

    anybody know installers of metal buildings ? I have the building and they are pouring my slab this Saturday so I’m looking for a Installer if anyone knows someone let me know. The garage is 3600 sq ft. Pic is just for reference.
  11. 702sandman

    Douglas wheels for RZR

    I have 2-15x10 and 2-15x12 Douglas wheels for a Polaris RZR turbo or non turbo. These are perfect for paddle tires. $800 for all 4 , located in henderson
  12. 702sandman

    My new to me DCB F26

    I finally feel like I got the boat I want now. I picked up this F26 on Thursday in havasu from a private party seller, it has a Teague 800 and it has 180 hours on the boat. Saturday we launched at pirates then spent a couple hours at the sand bar just chillin then we ended up in the Trump parade...
  13. 702sandman

    2008 magic deck boat

    Thinking about selling my Magic deck boat and stepping up to a dcb. 2008 with 295 hours 496 HO Big JL system Jel coat is immaculate Interior is perfect Has sea deck Please have money in place if your interested. 98k Call Randy at 702-218-7536
  14. 702sandman

    Whipple charged 496HO

    Just wondering if any one has done the Teague marine Whipple upgrade on their 496HO. I’m looking for a little more power for my magic deck boat. Also what props are you guys running with the stock 496HO to help get on plan easier. It seems like it hits a wall around 4000 rpm with a full load of...
  15. 702sandman

    PPP how has it worked out for you ?

    Just wanted to see how the PPP program has worked for everyone? have you been able to burn it up yet ? Any information on the new forgiveness guidelines ?
  16. 702sandman

    Small surface scratches question

    What’s the easiest way to remove small surface scratches ? Nothing deep just those small surface ones that bug you lol is there any compound you can buy and remove or do you have to sand with super fine sand paper first ?
  17. 702sandman

    Mud flaps

    What do you guys use to keep rocks from flying up and chipping your trailer and boat while traveling ? Looking for something easy to take on and off easy
  18. 702sandman

    Motors for sale ?

    Anyone have any low low hour Teague motors for sale or maybe a nice blue motor ? Hp 500 etc ?
  19. 702sandman

    Insurance question

    Can you guys recommend who to go thru for insurance on my magic deck boat. I had my Hallett and my sea doos with progressive but when I called right now to delete the Hallett and add the Magic they said they can’t insure due to risk factor ?? So now I need to shop for some insurance, thank You...
  20. 702sandman

    Nordic deck questions

    What do you guys think of the Nordic deck boats say 2008 era how do they perform versus like a similar magic deck boat