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  1. Dana757

    Kill switch lanyard’s

    dies? Don't need not stinking dies! lol Once you get them I might have to upgrade.
  2. Dana757

    Looking for a local tuner, 2011 CTS-V

  3. Dana757

    Missing 5 year old, Johnson Valley

    Copied from Lee’s Facebook page. NOTE: I’m posting this long story for myself to help remember what happened. Well, I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on what was a very emotional Memorial Day weekend. As we commonly do, we went camping out at Cougar Buttes, just outside Lucerne Valley and...
  4. Dana757

    Missing 5 year old, Johnson Valley

    My friend Lee Bower found him. Said he got lost then bike ran out of gas. When it got dark the kid slept next to his bike. Staying with the bike was a smart thing to do. That boy will have a good story to tell for sure.
  5. Dana757

    Who’s the hydraulic fitting guy on here?

    I don't have time to run them at this time but ...... I want to upgrade the brakes on my 03 TJ Rubicon and hear you're the guy.
  6. Dana757

    HELP....just F'n HELP!!!!!

    good luck, it's not just Havasu. https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/04/economy/manufacturing-jobs-economy/index.html
  7. Dana757

    And she’s a teacher!

    I bet she's feeling the oppression. lol
  8. Dana757

    Sitting here drinking beers and crazy thoughts.....

    I'm eyeing one by Ash Fork right now. Anything I can afford will be total boondock it's looking like.
  9. Dana757

    On-Board Air Advise

    I have the same one. The compressor for my Jeep cost more then the one that runs all the CNC machines. lol
  10. Dana757

    Sitting here drinking beers and crazy thoughts.....

    I'm looking for some by Williams right now. Missed the 38 window tho .....
  11. Dana757

    On-Board Air Advise

    Why not just use some auto deflators? They have worked well for me. I've even showed up late and deflated on the move before.
  12. Dana757

    Longest boat model run

    20’ Rayson Craft sometime in the late 60’s and still being built to this day.
  13. Dana757

    Parent uncovers internal documents exposing school's 'woke' agenda

    Yes that is exactly what I have done. That 50k instant pay cut took some doing to get past but I did it!
  14. Dana757

    Parent uncovers internal documents exposing school's 'woke' agenda

    It's not so much conforming. Equality is bringing the oppressed up. It's not to take anything away from others. At least that's the way it should be. Think of it like racing. Equality = heads up racing.
  15. Dana757

    Parent uncovers internal documents exposing school's 'woke' agenda

    The bottom line is just be cool to others. You don't have to "get" someone to just be cool to them. No need to go any farther than that. So if someone with a so called privilege is cool to others there is no big deal. No deal at all really. It goes both ways too. I'm firmly in the have...
  16. Dana757

    To those who enjoy BOAT RACING, what do you prefer?

    GN's are my fav class to watch. Of course love the K's, crackers and all the others. 80's and 90's drag boat races were THE SHIT!! The drags these days are bad ass too. I really have no interest in the big boat stuff. I know it's bad ass but I guess it's so far out of reach to me I just...
  17. Dana757

    Will someone go show these guys how to run a boat before someone dies!

    Looks like a normal day at the office to me. :D
  18. Dana757

    People suck!!!!

    For the record to me that's a horrible eye sore. I get the old shoe tree but this is just trash. I would love to get a group of good stewards of this earth to come together and clean it up.
  19. Dana757

    People suck!!!!

    She did bring someone joy. They found a new pair of shoes in a trash pile. I bet they were stoked!
  20. Dana757

    Employees....You just can't make this stuff up.

    We had a guy during the middle of the workday jump on his Harley and haul ass. Didn't say a word to anyone. The next day I asked him what was up with yesterday. He looked at me with wild eyes and said "FUCKING ALIANS WERE AFTER ME. I HAD TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!". LOL