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    I haven't been seeing the right hand column ads for a while. Is it my computer or a site situation?
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    Computer question

    My wife has been attempting to use Shutterfly.com to work with some photos. She is encountering a problem now when trying to sign in to her account. She gets an error message which says we do not have an internet connection which we know is incorrect. So far we haven't been able to find the...
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    Artificial Turf (grass)

    With the ongoing drought and the rising cost of water has anyone incorporated artificial grass into their landscaping scheme? If you have what brand did you choose? How long have you had it and how do you like it? I'm not sure if this a good way to go, but grass isn't going to work much longer...
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    Windows 10 help needed

    Upgraded from win 7 to win 10. Now cannot find wife's user account. What do I do?
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    fudging text sent dates

    Is it possible to send a text today with a date from last week to make it look like it was sent then? Would records from your service provider confirm actual event dates?
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    Cell phones on the lake

    Are cell phones useable in the area from Callville to Temple Bar? We will have a houseboat and are wondering if it will be possible to use a cell phone to talk to some people who will be joining us late.
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    Lake Mead towing

    Is there somebody like Vessel Assist or Sea Tow that serves Lake Mead?
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    Computer question

    About one year ago I bought a Dell computer. It came with Mc Afee LiveSafe Internet Security installed. The subscription has expired and I want to get rid of it. The computer is a Windows 7 machine. Using the uninstall feature of the control panel will not remove the Mc Afee. How do I get...
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    Bear Trailersports

    I've been trying to phone them without any luck. Does anyone know if they are on vacation or something?
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    Direct TV question

    We have not updated to the genie system. We currently take one of the bedroom boxes in the rv when we travel. If we update to the genie can we use one of the new boxes in the same way? The sat. antenna on the rv is for Direct tv so I think we are pretty much locked into them.
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    What do I need to do?????

    I have an 1989 Sea Ray BR210, with a mercury 5.7L (350 cu in) and an Alpha One outdrive. It has 281 hrs showing on the meter. It was parked in the back corner of my garage with a full tank of gas (55gallons) and no preparations for long term storage about 2000 or 2001. It has always been...
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    Want to know about Cottonwood Cove area...

    We have always boated at Lake Mead. Houseboat, dirt camping on the shore different spots and hotel at Echo Bay. We are considering trying Lake Mohave out of Cottonwood Cove. Houseboat or motel at the marina. I would like to hear peoples experiences and opinions about the area.
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    What do you guys think of this?

    I have been looking for a metal/wood capable band saw. I have seen a Grizzly 17" with an inverter which gives you variable blade speed control. Model G0640X, $1795.00. Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of this saw? What about Grizzly tools on general? I want a decent tool...
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    New format question

    With the new format viewing photos has become difficult for me. They are all too wide to fit the screen requiring me to scroll to the right to see them. That's kinda a hassle, then add to that that the scroll bar is at the bottom of the thread so you have to go to the bottom, scroll, then back...
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    smart phone - cop spotter?

    A little while ago there was a thread about a smart phone app that people were using on trips to detect speed traps and other stuff. Did a couple of searches without any luck. Can anyone remember the name of the app or find the thread?
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    iPhone apps question

    My wife just got an iPhone. On her previous phone, when it was ringing with an incoming call, one of the options she had was a button to block that number from calling her phone in the future. The iPhone doesn't seem to have this feature. Is there an app that will allow her to do this?
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    Towing to Big Bear Lake

    Will be heading up the hill pulling my toybox. I can take either the 330 or the 38. Which route do you guys like better?
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    Need new gate opener...

    Who has the name of a good company in the Glendale, Burbank area that can replace our dead opener? Am looking for good quality, not ongoing problems.
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    Need new gate opener...

    Who has the name of a good company in the Glendale, Burbank area that can replace our dead opener? Am looking for good quality, not ongoing problems.
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    Surveyor needed

    I need a surveyor to locate a property corner. Does anyone know of a good one in the La Crescenta area?