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  1. TX Foilhead

    Lake Travis, TX

    We haven’t been as fortunate so far this year. Today’s showers have been killing Abilene and we will get some water from everything south of Abilene in Buchannan. May not help Travis now, but in August it will slow the drop when Travis is releasing water for irrigation. If you look at the...
  2. TX Foilhead

    Lake Travis, TX

    With the way it’s been raining this month, I’m half expecting floodgates to be open by next weekend. Every River feeding into the Highland lakes has had a decent rise in the last week or so, that means all the stock tanks are full from Junction to Brownwood so the lakes should start to fill...
  3. TX Foilhead

    More Hoover Dam history

    If I had to guess, I would think that those generators can make most of the power today even at the lower water levels. The dams where I work are starting our 2nd rewind in about 80 years. Due to updates that can be made while everything is apart the generators will make more power than they...
  4. TX Foilhead

    Wild Horse Pass.

    SDBA has that race as no points so I figured some of the west coast drag boat groups were going to be having a race there that weekend as well. Sort of an unofficial national championship. Anyway, thinking about making the trip because it sounds like it might be the last race they have there.
  5. TX Foilhead

    Smudge Pots (New)

    I found one last summer in the middle of Texas and happily paid $25 they wanted. It was just a cool toy until the Ice storm in February. I took me 3 days and about 40 gallons of diesel and oil to get the Ice off of the trees around the house before wind and the really cold air got here. i...
  6. TX Foilhead

    Tx Border getting busy

    Hey Zack you should help spread the big cat rumor in South Texas . Check TexAgs for pics.
  7. TX Foilhead

    Texas Power Bills

    Probably, the plants that have closed were old and I’m not sure how much longer they could have run before they ran out of coal. They were built back when you found a coal seam and built everything around it so the plant powers the mine. Not sure how much coal they had left to mine before they...
  8. TX Foilhead

    Time for a new bank

    The local ID may be a Credit Union requirement, they have to have something that is common between all members. Frost is the biggest Texas bank on that list, don’t know if they are common that far from San Antonio. I use First United, they are regional from that area and have spread down I35...
  9. TX Foilhead

    Texas Power Bills

    I don't know if there is any truth to it, but we have also been hearing that ERCOT sold a bunch of electricity up north and didn't have what was needed for Texas. Again, that is one of the many stories circulating. Got to be some heads roll for this, I would think. I work for a utility in...
  10. TX Foilhead


    Boudin Kolache‘s and Jerky @ Buckee’s.
  11. TX Foilhead

    Mattress advice, ready for a new one.

    Got a Purple 3 Queen around Memorial Day, love the mattress, and it does weigh a ton. if it was any bigger I couldn’t have moved it alone. Got 2 pillows and sheets in the deal. I like the heavy pillow after I gave it a 2in memory foam lift, wife didn’t like hers and switched to their...
  12. TX Foilhead

    Looking for advice.. pellet grill prime rib

    Salt it the day before to give the salt time to soak in in the refrigerator. It tenderizes the meat and you won’t taste it. put whatever else you want to taste on the outside before it’s ready to go in the smoker. I did this one for Christmas Eve, 225 for 1 1/2 hrs, 175 for 1 1/2 hrs and...
  13. TX Foilhead

    Tequila ?

    Sincemost of y’all. seem to be headed this way.
  14. TX Foilhead

    New boat

    I got to take a ride in a Cracker a few years ago @ a dragboat race and was told the race motors make +700hp and run in the mid to upper 90’s in the race course chop. It’s basically the same motor that nascar runs.
  15. TX Foilhead

    Smudge Pot anyone?

    After wanting one of these forever and figuring I would never find one in the middle of Texas i finally did. Got a beauty that some meth heads left behind when their used tire money laundering operation closed up shop for $25. After watching a few You Tube videos I figured out how to light it...
  16. TX Foilhead

    Cordless tool set deals?

    if you have the Depot app go to deal of the day they mostly have cordless tools today, So far the best deals have been on the bigger kits around $500, sounds like that’s what your looking for.
  17. TX Foilhead

    How are you going to cook your turkey?

    Thanks to lots of the family that we’d rather not be around backing out I’m smoking a large breast injected with jalapeño butter wrapped in a bacon weave. Did a test butterball the same way a couple of weeks ago that came out nice.
  18. TX Foilhead

    Let’s talk Real Estate

    It’s not AZ, but it’s a little drier than Austin and San Antonio. You mostly notice the difference if you are outside regularly. If I’m outside a lot the weather doesn’t bother me. If I stay inside for too long it can get a little miserable for a few days if I have to be outside.
  19. TX Foilhead

    Let’s talk Real Estate

    I’m on the other end of lake LBJ, keep in mind that Horsehoe Bay is full of retired people year round and probably similar to Havasu during the summer with the weekend crowds. It’s highly restricted so if you like neighborhood associations it for you. Thee channel means you can get in an out of...
  20. TX Foilhead

    Home Depot Deal

    You can order that deal online too. I got mine last week.