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    Keystone XL.... gone

    Well it is officially dead, clueless joe just fucked Alberta out of 1.3 billion plus future incomes Fuck you joe and all commie liberals
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    crate 502 ho timing issue

    have a timing issue with a crate 502 ho No vac advance, 92 octane 14 initial with 22 of mech advance(36) it runs like a wet dog, no power and hot 27 initial and 22 mech advance(49) runs great, no detonation, just wants to kick the starter out any ideas?
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    Thought about a electric car

    Really I did worst 8 seconds of the year Then bought 2 crate 502s for the summer toys instead all better
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    A song for the times

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    Did the UAW or Chrysler sponsor lost joe? What was with all the jeep junk at joe and the hoes rally?
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    What's it worth?

    1987 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe 24000 mile original white ext burgundy interior only mods are headers and exhaust, lowered, wheels The last of the hoard
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    Yo Larry

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    Iran fired on US bases in Iraq?

    Rumor has it as of a few minutes ago
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    I hate thieves #6008

    Seemed like a good day to go for a Rzr ride, walk out and crank the rig so I can load up and it sounds like a tractor Fuckers stole the cats off the truck bastards
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    posting a video

    How can you post a video from your phone to this site
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    When is enough enough?? update

    Two people with too much crap Both shops full both garages full driveway full yard full garage at lake full when do you call the auction house and sell everything?
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    Lost Midget

    Where is the Midget? Did Dave Boat institute a height requirement?
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    30 Years Ago this weekend

    The US 2 Festival http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeeGQmVlMJM&feature=share&list=PL72341559B3564900
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    Ran into HolyMoly's wife at a club

    Nice lady... shorter than expected
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    Zo6 or ZR1

    Which one for a toy?
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    Who killed the Midget?

    Did the Midget get banned again? Or did he get busted for shooting his BB gun on his acreage again
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    It is official now

    Merry Christmas everyone and all the best in the New Year
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    Reply of the year

    This is priceless.... and it even came from Mr. RD himself Well unfortunately I am a judgemental person.. You're a fuckin loon. Merry Christmas.. RD Fukkin classic....:D