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  1. RiverRich

    Trying to hire people... wtf

    Government is paying people more to stay home. I’m Trying to fill 9 entry level positions at 14 hr. = impossible in IE! We are looking for ways to outsource products out of country.
  2. RiverRich

    Cutting a tarp

    www.coversandall.com will custom make any size you want.
  3. RiverRich

    Big Oly Bronco bound for auction, could be first-ever million-dollar vintage SUV

    Got to see it ups close 10 or 12 years ago, still very original down to the decals!
  4. RiverRich

    1969 Corvette LS-3 Build

    Quick update on the interior going in, wiring up the gauges and vintage air.
  5. RiverRich

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    New shoes on the “river” truck. Looking forward to Parker next weekend!
  6. RiverRich

    Never Ending Trash!!

    Heard on the news yesterday that Jeep is being asked to drop the "Grand Cherokee" name as it offends Native Americans. WTF
  7. RiverRich

    1969 Corvette LS-3 Build

    Thanks for checking in. Project got derailed but is back on track, I'll post an interior install update soon!
  8. RiverRich

    This tire fixable?

    7 bucks on amazon
  9. RiverRich

    This tire fixable?

    I plugged this one on the back four months ago and forgot all about it until I read your post. Sketchy to say the least but seems to work!
  10. RiverRich

    Looking for a place in parker

    So RD's argument doesn't hold water because you can't get a place with deeded land on AZ side for $200k with amenities like an Echo Lodge on CA side! I get the investment strategy, but i don't want to be 4 blocks from the water. I'll stay at Echo and pay for the lifestyle!
  11. RiverRich

    Looking for a place in parker

    I this deeded land or deeded mobile with space rent? If rent, what is the monthly space fee? 3720 Az-95, 37 Parker, AZ 85344 3 beds 2 baths 1,040 SF • #1014666
  12. RiverRich

    Auto Auctions

    Lots to see at Barrett-Jackson and worth a trip just for the car show. I do think there are deals to be found there at all $$ levels and they usually have just about one of every car imaginable.
  13. RiverRich

    Mad skills!!

    Once you lose it, hands off the wheel and cross your arms!
  14. RiverRich

    Current Situation - a picture thread

  15. RiverRich

    JBL Party Box

    I'll bet that thing sounds great, I use this one on the boat and it rocks pretty good and will play all day on one charge!
  16. RiverRich

    Any Good TV Series?

    I reluctantly started watching The Crown on Netflix, turns out it pretty good.