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    Anyone know what a dose of covid19 vaccine cost$?

    I know they give them to patients for free but has anyone seen what the cost of a dose/vial is etc? 40, 100, 500?
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    Pursuit KCAL!

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    From killin a dude to comforting a baby in 5 seconds. [Bravo]

    Apologize in advance if this is a Vin.
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    When will our new president take a question from the press pool?

    I'm thinking weeks if ever. They got ushered out of the oval office today like a pack of poodle puppies.
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    This is where we plan a rebellion!

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    Rail Kart Ride Up Carrizo Gorge

    This looks fun. Maybe convert an old pontoon boat?
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    Broken ribs (ouch)

    I crashed a quad yesterday and likely broke one or more ribs. Pretty much ruined the rest of 2020 and a going to make a sucky start for 2021. I have projects in progress that I cannot do with this pain. How long is this going to take to heal?
  8. http404

    This is shaping up to be big (cyberattack)

    I'm reading Solarwinds office was also raided/visited by the feds. https://www.solarwinds.com/securityadvisory Important steps for customers to protect themselves from recent nation-state cyberattacks...
  9. http404

    Anyone seen any shipping containers floating around?

    Cargo Ship En Route to Long Beach Loses 1800+ Containers https://www.freightwaves.com/news/fireworks-among-dangerous-goods-lost-from-one-apus
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    The funnest job in the world?

    What kind of sight/optic would they use on this project?
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    I guess no big inauguration for Biden?

    Covid and all.
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    Election night menu?

    Since it looks like it will be a long night. What are you planning for election night grub? We are doing. Chili cheese dogs Chorizo and cream cheese won tons Nachos with standard issue vat of canned cheese