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  1. 2$short

    What are the odds she'd be a Democrat?

    THIS. I fucking hate that dumb cunt midget bitch
  2. 2$short

    *~* Happy Birthday AFTERSHOCK RACING+!*~*

    happy birthday dude
  3. 2$short

    Let's not forget lickety split.

    dam thats sad i got a tear in my eyes reading this. RIP
  4. 2$short

    New picture thread

    its great when there is water in it i think levels are around 7%ish right now and the on the beach camping is amazing and long has u got 4wd. iv never been to parker or havasu both are on the one of these years lists
  5. 2$short

    New picture thread

    Elephant butte lake here in NM
  6. 2$short

    New picture thread

    she runs pretty dam good for an old carb motor so far its seen low 70s as this altitude. i love the new 21s and 22s Randys has done he is truly badass.
  7. 2$short

    New picture thread

    Love all the ob shit here’s a couple of my rig 19 Liberator 2.4/200 hopefully soon to be 2.4Bridgeport
  8. 2$short


    Grads wants to do a taste test after the anal swab to make sure it’s affective