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  1. troostr

    Ok since i know nothing about deck boats

    We picked up our ‘04 232 with 230ish hrs, has all the stuff with it- tables, extra cushions to make beds I guess etc. Paid 20 then added tower and stereo. Ours has a 5.0. In Parker it’ll run 45-50, at home (NM) we have to prop it down so we run 40-45 here. Summer Saturdays in Parker you can run...
  2. troostr

    Channel incidents- just wondering

    Family trips as a kid, I remembered the grownups talking about skiing naked under the bridg. Fast forward to around 2000, we were at LBR celebrating some friends bachelo/bachelorette weekend. A buddy and I were doing shots at Kokomo’s about 11:30 and had the brilliant idea to take my boat for a...
  3. troostr

    Blackstone Accessories

    I have the folding surround tray deal on mine, it never gets folded. Gives you a ton of space to load plates or whatever.
  4. troostr

    Rv Trip - Where? And What would ya..

    There's SO MUCH good in this right here, especially for your family/kids ages. We do this about every August. Humid as all hell, but Always a great time. Get the season passes for Schlitterbahn, and like Ace said, a Cabaña is a must! Surfenberg at the "new" park is our fav, or Congo at the...
  5. troostr

    Rv Trip - Where? And What would ya..

    Quit yer bitchin! We make the run from here to Parker at least twice a summer. It's not that bad. Besides, when you come out, stop by and I'll give you the grand tour! Your kids will love our place! There's some cool shit for the grownups too. The Caverns aren't bad either. A Toad is a must...
  6. troostr

    Pinballs and Arcade

    Right now, $6500. Yes, that price is stupid. But you can't find them. Rumor has it, Stern is going to do a new Back to the Future this year. If and when that happens, I'll be able to get my hands on several for about 3k each. This one? 92-93 had a Star Wars and Star Trek release Or
  7. troostr

    Pinballs and Arcade

    The CRT is where it gets expensive. You can put a new flat monitor in for a fraction of the the cost of a good or new CRT without burn. Patience will save a bunch of $$ too. I would guess around $1000 for a good one. If you aren't in a hurry, and happen upon a good one that's a bargain, then...
  8. troostr

    Pinballs and Arcade

    Just Dig Dug, or a 60 in 1 multicade? An OG cocktail cab with a 60 in 1 board with all the classics PAC, Donkey Kong, Galaga frogger etc, < $1000. Probably 800 ish depending on the OG cabinet cost and what it would need. The Mrs Pac in the pics I’m at 1k, original Mrs cabinet all redone, new...
  9. troostr

    Pinballs and Arcade

    My kids would Love an Adams Family, but those things are like GOLD!!
  10. troostr

    Pinballs and Arcade

    No Sir, My dad has a few different War Eagles and a couple early cabinet slots, but he's a hoarder, rarely sells anything. lol Munsters is cool, Stern is supposed to do a "code" update for it soon. It's good, but could be epic with a little more programming polish.
  11. troostr

    Shredded Cheese

    That would basically be the tree pulp. Fresh shredded cheese tastes better anyway. It's just barely less convenient. We fresh shred everything except Parm. Whatever you do just buy a LOT of cheese!! My milk check is based on class III (cheese). So shred, it slice it, whatever your choice...
  12. troostr

    Pinballs and Arcade

    Artesia New Mexico. If someone were passing "by" I could meet them at the 40 or 10 to save some freight $. This is my second one. I didn't plan on liking it. I only bought it because my youngest in into Baseball and there aren't many Baseball themed pins. I found one that was bought new...
  13. troostr

    Pinballs and Arcade

    The World Poker (2006) would be $3800, I have a Munsters or a Star Wars (2017-19) that would be 5500-5800 plus shipping Fastenal has pretty great rates store to store, to your door gets a little more spendy. Freight has gone up in the last year like everything else. Fire And F-14 are going to a...
  14. troostr

    Pinballs and Arcade

    The “moving sale” thread got me thinking. These are part hobby part a draw to keep my kids and their friends out of trouble. I’m not looking to sell a particular game, in fact there are a few I won’t sell. But if you’re looking for one, either random title because you like the art or a nostalgic...
  15. troostr


    What pinballs are you looking for?
  16. troostr

    Need "gift" ideas for a buddy

    If you can, take him to lunch and talk with him. Or just listen.
  17. troostr

    Vitamins, supplements

    Balance of Nature I think is what my wife tried from a friend of hers. She really liked them, said she felt great. Her friend said she gives them to her girls and they never get sick. I dunno. She hasn't bought them yet though so.... My wife is a supplement junkie. Her latest find are these...
  18. troostr

    Scuba diving around the island by site 6

    I've seen "Piranha!!" NFW you'd catch me under that water! Or anywhere for that matter, I get claustrophobic snorkeling. I saw a video on here a while ago, looked like there was a mail jeep on the floor somewhere in Havasu too.
  19. troostr

    Love your site but...

    If you speak how you write, what cost you was the “lack of English skills surcharge“ you incurred by opening your mouth. Perhaps tomorrow when you’re sober and off the street party high you can come back and use big boy English to explain what your real problem is.
  20. troostr

    Parents/Kids and Movies--what are your limits?

    75 Vintage here too. I was allowed to watch all the horror flick we could handle, but remember that "Porkey's" was off limits. Having watched it later I really don't know why considering the content of some of what we were allowed to watch. As far as music, I knew better than to come to the...