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  1. Motor Boater

    Yamaha Rhino?

    I know zero about these things but I’m looking for something to cruise around the neighborhood and a little off-road. Not trying to be Robby Gordon just want to putt around in the woods with my kids at our cabin. Neighbor has an 07 Rhino 660 with 3800 miles he wants to sell me for $4500. It’s...
  2. Motor Boater

    Is there a shortage on everything? Here’s the list:

    So far I’m seeing shortages in the following items: lumber Steel Concrete Ford trucks Appliances Tires (Coker tire said 2 months to get my wide ovals) Micro chips <— apparently this is what’s affecting Ford trucks Guns & Ammo Labor Boats Single family Homes Gasoline as of yesterday with this...
  3. Motor Boater

    Laguna Seca WTF

    I was watching the most recent roadkill episode and they rented the track. I guess there is a decibel limit so they have to run the cars as quiet as possible in turn 5????? WTF. It’s a race track? They had one of the cars get kicked off the track for being too loud. Unbelievable. How can...
  4. Motor Boater

    Hey Parker guys

    I’ve been to Parker a million times but never stayed in the keys. We just rented a house in the keys for 5 days in March. Can I launch my 28 Howard in the keys? If not where is the best place for me to launch it.
  5. Motor Boater

    Bow runners/long towels etc

    I know back a few years ago someone made long narrow runners for closed bow boats. Or maybe it was a towel of some sort for walking on and off the boat. Does anyone know where these can be purchased? My Howard 28 Bullet is a closed bow and it’s slippery AF. I also often have kids with me so I...
  6. Motor Boater

    Now this is horse shit.

    I like to eat at local mom and pop places as much as I can. We have a local sports bar in the neighborhood that we eat at frequently. In fact it’s kind of a thing in the neighborhood to meet there for taco Tuesday, Saturday lunch, after kids sports etc. This place has very good food for a...
  7. Motor Boater

    Do you ever get your order correct restaurants?

    Maybe it’s just me but we never get our order right no matter where we go. Ordered from PF Chang’s, and they forgot several items. Ordered a pizza the other night half cheese half pepperoni. Shows up half cheese half supreme. Just went to pick up some burgers for my family and they literally...
  8. Motor Boater

    My Son just bought an M31

    In his video game! It’s cool watching him rip it around.
  9. Motor Boater

    Bravo 1 Labbed 4 blade 24 pitch RH

    This came with my boat. Previous owner loved to buy and lab props. I have like 7 props and don’t need this one. $425. Located in Phoenix.
  10. Motor Boater

    PSA and The problem with America

    My buddy sent a news link that said the first person to take the Covid vaccine went into a coma. When you click on the link it’s Barry, the huge dude with the giant dick. Funny joke...but. The sheer amount of people I have sent this to that believed the headline and never clicked on the...
  11. Motor Boater

    Livorsi Controls

    These came out of my Howard. Work perfectly. $250.
  12. Motor Boater

    Fraud Videos

    Where can you see all these videos. I’ve seen ones from California where workers are taking 1000s of ballots from an election box long after the winner was declared. It seems every time I see a video that is eye opening I can’t ever find it again. Anyone have these vids or know where to find them?
  13. Motor Boater

    Let’s talk about cleats, lines and fenders for docking.

    So my Howard has some fairly small pop up cleats. It’s dam near impossible to get the fenders and lines on one cleat and even harder to adjust them. I was thinking about putting in pin cleats for the fenders but the boat is so clean I hate to add them. What’s everyone using?
  14. Motor Boater

    Shit is crazy right now

    Boat prices are crazy. I put my kids Suzuki 50 Up for sale tonight and have probably 30 people messaging me on it. It’s worth like $400. I put it up for $500 since there is nothing out there and I’m getting hammered with offers. I currently have 3 offers over list price and people begging to...
  15. Motor Boater

    Good scam?

    I posted my wife’s 2008 denali for sale and I got a text from someone saying they were Interested and “could arrange the cash” and “my final price was fair” etc so it sounded like a scam. Then the guy keep asking to meet and says he needs to take the day off so it’s sounds legit. Then he says...
  16. Motor Boater

    Where does everyone like to stay in Havasu?

    I love the nautical property but it’s such a shit hole. Stayed at Heat once and liked that. Any other good spots?
  17. Motor Boater

    How many miles can I get out of this?

  18. Motor Boater

    Any roofers on the board? I had some questions.

    Just had my roof redone with 2 layers of underlayment and you can see under the tiles the underlayment is not lay flat in several spots. I’m concerned in a hard windy rain that water will go right underneath the paper. Also, originally the roofer mentioned a flashing that goes underneath these...
  19. Motor Boater

    Offer Up LOL

    So I’m looking at motorcycles on offer up and I run across the ATC for sale. As if it’s not odd enough the guy keeps this machine in his living room check out what’s in the table behind it.
  20. Motor Boater

    We will make great pets!