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  1. Chipster27

    Does RD no longer Sux?

    So I was at an event a couple weeks ago and a person was wearing a RDP hat. I yelled the infamous battle cry of RDSux and they had no idea what I was talking about. They thought I had some beef with RD, LOL. Ironically, 2 days later I found an old RDSux decal in my dresser drawer. So...does RD...
  2. Chipster27

    Commercial lease experts

    I'm part of a non-profit and the lease on our building is up for renewal. As an owner of residential income properties I've got a decent handle on residential leases but don't have a lot of experience with commercial leases. Is there anyone on here that could spend an hour or so to review our...
  3. Chipster27

    Can this tire be plugged

    I’m no tire expert, but in my humble opinion this looks like it can be plugged from the inside out. They are not Z rated and they are not run flats. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Chipster27

    T-shirt guy for car show

    Can anyone give a recommendation for a 2-3 color t-shirt for a car show? Thanks!
  5. Chipster27

    RDP at KOH

    Remember when...
  6. Chipster27

    Wagon Wheel and Lost Lake - feedback/reviews

    I have a buddy looking to get a river place. He's thinking about Wagon Wheel or Lost Lake. I don't know much about either, but figured someone on here must have experience with either or both. Thanks for any insight!
  7. Chipster27

    Cars are splashed just like boats. Porsche's note to Honda.

    http://jalopnik.com/the-secret-message-porsche-left-for-honda-in-a-911-gt3-1784342271?rev=1469564349897&utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebook&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow Most everyone knows that automakers buy competitors? cars to test and take apart to see how they...
  8. Chipster27

    VooDooMedMan - PM

    VooDooMedMan - I tried to follow up on a series of conversations we had back in Feb but apparently your account is set to not accept PMs. Just wanted to say thanks. Everything worked out. Cheers!
  9. Chipster27

    Moreno Valley Elks car/motorcycle show

    Thought I would post this up for anyone in the area that wants to show a car/motorcycle or come check out the show. I plan on showing my Baja and thought it would be cool if we had a couple more off road toys, or if you have any kind of vehicle to show. Entry is cheap, there will be trophies...
  10. Chipster27

    Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival - Dry camping spot

    I have an extra spot available for the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival May 20-22. The spot includes dry camping (no water, elec, sewer), an extra vehicle and access to the events on Fri-Sat-Sun. The events include beer/wine tasting, concerts and venders. I'd like to get what I paid for it...
  11. Chipster27

    Long Beach Grand Prix 2016

    It's been years since I went and I can't remember if we bought tickets or not. What do the tickets get you? A seat in the stands? Isn't the "expo" area open to all? Can you see the track/race without buying tickets? Anyone going this year? I think we're going on Saturday then doing the March...
  12. Chipster27

    EGT sensor threads left behind

    I had an EGT sensor go south on my truck. The sensor was seized in the bung/fitting. I soaked it all week in liquid wrench and this morning hit it with a torch. The nut was loose enough to back out. About 1/2 way out it got tight again so I applied more pressure. It worked loose and came out. I...
  13. Chipster27

    Discuss: Genetics vs environment.

    Or, nurture vs nature. I'm reading a book and it had an interesting quote: "genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger" It's an interesting debate because people react or behave differently and I've always believed it's a convergence of genetics and environment. Psychologists...
  14. Chipster27

    Traeger Portable Grill PTG - Pellet hopper caught fire...

    I've had my PTG for about 2 years, maybe a little longer. Always enjoyed it when we camped. This past weekend we were at Ocotillo for TDS. Cooked a burger Sat night and when I went to use it Sunday this is what I found. I've always noticed smoke back drafting in to the pellet hopper but never...
  15. Chipster27

    New brakes - turn the rotors?

    For those that do their own brakes or work in a shop, do you turn the rotors every time you change the pads? If not, when do you determine the right time to turn them is? How many times can a rotor be turned?
  16. Chipster27

    2008 Honda Accord LX Sedan RDP Price $8,000

    2008 HONDA ACCORD LX 4 DOOR ? Second owner since June 2008, purchased the car from a Honda dealer with 3,200 miles on it. Have the original bill of sale as proof. ? Selling because after 7+ years we bought a new car ? White Exterior ? Tan Interior ? non smoker ? Awesome condition - Paint...
  17. Chipster27

    LoJack/GPS vehicle recovery

    What has your experience been? Seems to me most of the newer vehicles have so many deterrents from the manufacturer that people are stealing older vehicles. Two of our cars have LoJack, two don't and I didn't get it on the Harley. My perspective is that if someone steals them I have insurance...
  18. Chipster27

    Uber rates = Is Uber a good corporate citizen?

    So we typically go to the desert for New Year's and drinking isn't an issue because we're not driving. This year we went to a friend's 50th/New Year's party. Wanting to do the responsible thing we got a hotel near his house and Uber'd to his place, $15 or something like that. About 1:30a we...
  19. Chipster27

    Waze - traffic app

    Do you use it for route planning? I've used it a number of times to give me traffic data and routing information but I've found that sometimes the "off route" routing isn't any faster than staying on the freeway. Heading to OC I was going south on the 15 through Norco/Corona it had me exit...
  20. Chipster27

    Del Mar via the train

    If you're taking the train from Riverside/OC to Del Mar, which train do you use? Amtrak? Coaster? Metrolink?