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  1. 84miller

    The drive between Havasu and SoCal

    Feel your pain. I was towing a boat home with me on 5/22 (Saturday). I left at 7 am calculated I would be home by 12:30. No Boat, I would normally be home by 11:30 - 12:00. Many things happened, but the last was a fire that shutdown 15 south. It took me 5 1/2 hours to go from Temecula to...
  2. 84miller

    1970 Mustang offer up

    I would shop for another. You can get a pretty nice driver for a little more money. First 89K..it is more than likely 189K. Sitting is never a good thing for a car. Just to get that car put back together looking decent 10K, now you are into it for 22K. It is a standard mustang. For 22K you...
  3. 84miller

    I hope this video posts...... it’s my 1st Instagram video post.

    Watched it. Appears she was part of the group of the patoon boat, as she steps out and goes to the gas pump. She was very lucky she could have been killed. My problem is why did she swim to the boat...should have gone to the dock man was at dock to help..and have never gotten near or in that...
  4. 84miller

    My Pops Ruined the Neighbors

    I have a neighbor, flipping a condo (pretty sure she will not break even). Common trash area...she does not break down her cardboard boxes and place them in the recycle bin. Problem is the waste mgmt will not pick up any of the dumpsters if trash is surrounding any of the outside. My other...
  5. 84miller

    Garbage Disposal Frozen

    Buy a goat, twofer...no garbage disposal needed or lawn mower.
  6. 84miller

    pool-spa heater / equipment

    From what I hear, it is pretty long wait to get pool heaters. So start now and see what is available which may limit/direct your choice. Good luck, start now you may have it by fall this year....
  7. 84miller

    Any leads on mobile homes for sale in Earp

    Super moon pic taken off the deck, clear view of buckskin state park. Good amount of space in front. Right next to Echo Rock...you will see people jumping off all day long. Great location. Patio behind is also a great place to sit and get away from it all. If you find that you like the...
  8. 84miller

    Any leads on mobile homes for sale in Earp

    Yes mine is on the market in Echo lodge, space UL2. Great location one of the best on the Parker Strip. Sitting on the deck or in the living room you can watch boats go buy all day long. You can walk in less than 30 seconds to the "owner's" beach. Place is move in ready as I write this. You...
  9. 84miller

    RE: Competitive V-drive trailer re-build Leaf Spring Question ?

    I need to do some adjustments to my v-drive trailer. I am looking to bag the axles as it seems to be the best alternative for me along with a huge savings in cost. The bags are $119.00 each, remove the leaf springs, trailer becomes independent suspension. My need is to raise the backend of...
  10. 84miller

    Rear view mirror and heat problem.

    Good luck, I had a windshield replaced...had the truck 15 years after that windshield replacement...2 days after the the original replacement...the rearview mirror fell off, and I mean after many professional attempts, then my attempts...never could get that mirror to stick for 15 years. Sold...
  11. 84miller

    Time for a new refridgerator!

    I am in the process of looking. Went to Home Depot and Lowes. Seems there is a limit to the availability. So go look, find one you want...be prepared to wait for delivery up to 3 months. FYI, had my fridge 21 years. Repairman told me to buy a fridge with the least amount of electronics you...
  12. 84miller

    FYI-US West prepares for possible 1st water shortage declaration

    Carlsbad CA has one of the largest desalination plants that was "allowed" to be built after 20 years jumping through government hoops. It produces enough water for 400K residents a day. It is very doable, but meets resistance at all levels. It would be a start to open more locations. Off...
  13. 84miller

    Oh Shit Handle

    Old School....
  14. 84miller

    Speaking of distracted driving.

    Really sorry this happened to you, your girlfriend and the passenger. Get well, but my best suggestion is to immediately start a diary or log of everyone's road to recovery, everything. Do not ever speak to the other driver going forward at all. Let the insurance companies do the...
  15. 84miller

    Dealership Callout

    Looking for used. Go online Carmax, price posted is not negotiable. Prices are good, get the extended warranty, they honor it with ease at other repair shops. Had good results myself, plus they currently have a great inventory of used.
  16. 84miller

    Water in cylinders after intake swap?

    I went through a multitude of problems with water on a new rebuilt. After a few mechanics and money...it was the internal seal located on the drive cam for the water pump...just letting you know...it took a year to determine...and the boat was not used.
  17. 84miller

    How many people do I have to kill at my Dodge dealer?

    I have found for me that finding a really good independent mechanic, which is hard, is the best way to go for automotive repairs. I have had some pretty large dollar dealer repairs that did not fix the vehicle's reported problem. I have a great mechanic, does quality work, stands by his work...
  18. 84miller

    Victorville , Ca where to stay ?

    Go to Wrightwood area, rent a cabin.
  19. 84miller

    Looking for a place in parker

    I have a place in Echo, been looking to sell. PM me for info.....
  20. 84miller

    Do remember your old telephone code?

    South El Monte GIbert...