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    Powerstroke 6.0 FICM

    Where is a reputable place to get one? Need both the logic & power boards. Have heard Ed at FICM repair.com is the man. For those of you that have had this dilemma, where did you go and why… good outcome?
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    Bait the Trap

    In this case the trap is the Capital and the bait being the non presence of security personnel. Seriously, they couldn’t stop people holding flags and signs from entering the building? Think about it. 🤔
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    Fraud Voting Happening Now!

    It is now proven and documented the voting machines are in fact connected to the internet and can be hacked into! This is happening now in real time! Also, I hope you can find the time to watch (below) this very compelling testimony that took place during the Georgia Senate Subcommittee...
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    Hallett… (Nordic builds vs the old Barron) your thoughts

    Just curious, your opinion on whether or not Nordic is following the Barron legacy worthy of the legendary Hallett name. If still alive, would Nick Barron approve?
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    A beutiful voice, this is a must see!

    A beautiful voice, this is a must see!
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    Anyone still drink water straight out the tap, or make coffee with it?

    Reaching for a bottle of water today I thought to myself, when was the last time I actually remember serving myself a glass of water straight from the tap? Well, I couldn’t really remember, but I still make coffee with it 🤔 Oh wait, I lied, when I’m out I do order a Coors Light on tap 🤪
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    A smart man with commonsense

    Nuff said!
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    A little help from the auto body & paint pros

    First off, I haven’t done any auto painting in years. How long has it been? Well, let’s just say it was way back when the Binks Model 7 was the go to gun for most... Lol. I still have the 7 gun along with my Model 18 & 19 from back in the day. I do have a cheap HVLP gun for small projects. My...
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    You want a Mini Boat?... Here Ya Go! Mini Boat Mafia (WTF)

    Seriously? Just what we need is more reckless driving on our waterways. Sure, looks like fun, but in the wrong hands of a bunch of yahoos will only result in more chaos, accidents and people getting hurt on the water. And you thought jet skies & seadoos were a bitch to navigate around. Get...
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    One America News update on Covid 19

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    Anyone running Lavorsi gauges with Mercruiser Bravo One?

    I’m mostly concerned with the trim gauge and how it is functioning for you. I have learned the Lavorsi trim gauges do not match-up with the ohm values of the Mercury / Mercruiser trim sender. Therefore, slow reacting representation of outdrive position, i.e., gauge indicating drive fully up...
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    stuffed jalapeños anybody

    Cooking up 64 bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeños on the flat top... party time!
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    OAN… Who watches?

    They always play this Awesome speech, my favorite!
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    Your most memorable gimmick / novelty item

    Remember these, everyone was using them back in the day!
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    Joint Health Supplements… Do they work?

    I just got these to try out; any of you tried them, or something similar?
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    Anchor line length?

    Hi all, I'm ordering new anchor line and shore spike line. Problem is, don't have mine in front of me to get a measurement on how long they are. The lengths I've been using have worked out great, just never paid any attention to them. What lengths have you guys narrowed it down too?
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    Popped a beer and ordered a couple new Danik Hooks!

    Can’t wait to try them out, heard great things about them.