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  1. Motor Boater

    So Mexico tourist spots are safe??...

    I don’t vacation at those places either. But every week I have friends trying to convince me that Mexico is super safe and I should vacation there immediately.
  2. Motor Boater

    Transit van ??????

    Most people don’t keep their cars long enough to ever encounter any of these problems. Run it hard while you own it and send it down the road.
  3. Motor Boater

    Question on 36 Bullet

    From what I’ve heard Howard has a waiting list a few years long to get anything built.
  4. Motor Boater

    Yamaha Rhino?

    I know zero about these things but I’m looking for something to cruise around the neighborhood and a little off-road. Not trying to be Robby Gordon just want to putt around in the woods with my kids at our cabin. Neighbor has an 07 Rhino 660 with 3800 miles he wants to sell me for $4500. It’s...
  5. Motor Boater

    1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ Limited

    Dammit. None of these deals are ever in AZ. Nice XJ.
  6. Motor Boater

    Yo you Phoenix peeps

    for Sunday brunch go to Richardson’s. It’s the best in town, no question.
  7. Motor Boater

    Blue Water : Bankruptcy?

    That place is a dump. The rooms are horrendous, the service is terrible. It’s a mess. We always joke with friends about how long it takes to get a cup of coffee there. The lady has like 9 pieces of paperwork she has to print, fill out and file in different spots for a simple cup of coffee. It’s...
  8. Motor Boater

    And this is why we wear seat belts...

    Thats a wild ride. This happened down the street from me on Monday. Happened at like 9am. Take a look at what’s in the bushes.
  9. Motor Boater

    What is it with word suggestions on the phone??

    Yeah I hate the auto correct too, dear IPhone I can assure you I wasn’t trying to type duck. LOL
  10. Motor Boater

    Trying to hire people... wtf

    Some guys from my corporate office were visiting last week. They said there are 170 open positions at our parent company in the Pittsburgh area. That can’t get anyone to work.
  11. Motor Boater

    Confronting Scottsdale Commies

    Interesting. I wonder what they were meeting about? Scottdale was one district that stayed open and was the most relaxed on Covid restrictions. My kids are in the paradise valley district and we had much more rigid restrictions and we were out of school much longer than they were. Our...
  12. Motor Boater

    "COCKTAILS" To Go!!

    What’s the difference in buying cocktails or beer at the store and drinking it on your way home? If someone is going to drink and drive around town that’s what they are gonna do. It was nice during Covid we could grab a margarita with our to go order. Hell my buddy owns a restaurant and he has...
  13. Motor Boater

    Real Estate is racist

    Ive actually seen this. It’s not uncommon at all. The first time I saw it was in Northern California. Some neighborhoods have removed the language and some neighborhoods don’t even know it’s in there. Especially older neighborhoods with low turnover.
  14. Motor Boater

    Net Worth

    I get what your saying and don’t typically discuss my financial sitauion with anyone as a rule but I have a few friends who are very intelligent and are making very smart financial moves. I do discuss money with them on some level. You don’t have to tell someone how much money you have or how...
  15. Motor Boater

    Just got the shot.

    So the shot doesn’t stop you from getting the virus, carrying the virus or transmitting the virus. It only lessons the symptoms when you do get it. So why does it matter if someone is not vaccinated? We both can catch it, we both can carry it and transmit it. Makes no sense. It seems to...
  16. Motor Boater

    [SOLD] 1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport 4x4 4.0L

    Fuck I wish this was in AZ. Can’t get to Cali anytime soon. This thing is clean.
  17. Motor Boater

    Chevy suspension lift?

    I lifted my 2019 F150 with a BDS lift and fox shocks and it rides as good if not better then it did stock. I can roll through my neighborhood and not even slow down for the speed bumps.
  18. Motor Boater

    Is there a shortage on everything? Here’s the list:

    Oh yeah I forgot about bicycles and I also can’t find 1 1/8 bike tubes for my kids race bike.
  19. Motor Boater

    Is there a shortage on everything? Here’s the list:

    So far I’m seeing shortages in the following items: lumber Steel Concrete Ford trucks Appliances Tires (Coker tire said 2 months to get my wide ovals) Micro chips <— apparently this is what’s affecting Ford trucks Guns & Ammo Labor Boats Single family Homes Gasoline as of yesterday with this...
  20. Motor Boater

    Chevy shop truck ??

    This in my opinion is the perfect first car for a young boy. Big and heavy, air bags, not enough room for a bunch of kids to distract them, not enough power to get them in much trouble, easily pimped out with a lowering kit, wheels and tires etc.