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  1. 941Punk

    Extreme E - Off Road Live Testing

    First race shakedown of the all electric off roading series. Looking forward to watching this. Big names backing it. Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button, Chip Ganassi, Andretti, etc
  2. 941Punk

    Please Remember Safety Vests!

  3. 941Punk

    I'm Rollin Over Here.. LOL

    We need this guy to spend time at Site 6. The commentary is top notch.
  4. 941Punk


    While California is turning into Socialist China, Florida is open for business! Steel Panther rolled through here with 4 dates and we did 2 of them. You needed a face covering to get in the door, but once we were in, no one wore one. Great fucking shows. The only difference is there wasn't 17...
  5. 941Punk

    Tits Or Tires..

  6. 941Punk

    F1 2021

    Now that the season that almost never was is over, it's time to look forward to March down under. Will Checo take Albon's ride? Is Haas saving face for the social justice warriors because they don't want to lose Daddy's Cash 2.0? Lewis and Mercedes resume contract talks while Silverstone...
  7. 941Punk

    FUCK BIDEN, I Made A Thing..

    I'm going to carry this fucker everywhere! Also going to have vinyl stickers made as well. If you guys want one, shoot me a message.
  8. 941Punk

    Pissed About Arizona? Solution..

    Florida is running a RDP special! If you are an American Patriot and caught the Liberal Arizona Gone Blues then bring your company, job, disposable income, west coast work ethic, boat, and hot wife down to the West Coast of Florida! Choose between Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, or Lee counties...
  9. 941Punk

    Because Boating In Florida Fucking Rules..

    and we're closed in case you where wondering. :D :D
  10. 941Punk

    Hero On a Harley

    Tim Duffy. FDNY firefighter Tim Duffy was off work the day of September 11, 2001, but when he realized what was going on, he donned his firefighter gear and rode his 2000 Super Glide Sport into lower Manhattan to help out. He made it to the base of the south tower of the World Trade Center...
  11. 941Punk

    Civil War

    Call me crazy, but I think if Trump wins the election, we haven't seen the true chaos of what's coming. Thoughts?
  12. 941Punk

    I'm getting fucked up on a beach in key west....

    And RD SUX! (Stock island to be exact) Florida is closed. Literally, they fucking closed all bars today. Duval should be interesting tomorrow. We just roll with it, fuck it. When does Italy open back up? We had a month booked and it got cancelled. Fucked eh.
  13. 941Punk

    What Are You Guys Wanting For Fathers Day?

    Besides BBQ & boating time with the kids and grand babies, I asked for a starter Didgeridoo. :D How about you?
  14. 941Punk

    Blue Line Flag Sticker...

    I've had one on my drivers side and a red first responders on the other side for a couple years now. No one has said a word. Yesterday in the store parking lot a lady told me that I'm asking for trouble driving around with it on. I told her that "Actually, I've been looking for a bigger one." I...
  15. 941Punk

    Don't Fuck Around In Polk County Florida.

    This guys is Florida's version of Sheriff Joe. He's also a Jeep guy.
  16. 941Punk

    Stepped Up My Camping Game

    I finally pulled the trigger on at new Smittybilt rack and roof top tent. My idea of off roading is "overlanding" and this setup will get us into some backcountry. Set up time is about 5 minutes. I'll be adding an awning and annex in the next month. (holy hell this thing needs a lift) Stoked!
  17. 941Punk

    I think my wife and I are going to donate our stimulus checks..

    She's been laid off and i do just fine, work is actually thriving. We have a few friends swimming with 20 lb weights around their waste and trying to just survive the day. It doesn't feel right to sit on a checks and blow it on something stupid. Anyone thinking of doing this?
  18. 941Punk

    Anyone else's drinking to much and buying more ammo??

    Fucking eh. Laughing outside, screaming inside and freaking out and posting drunk on a boating message board because these are your peeps.. In a world of Beta males, RDP is where I turn for some the good shit.
  19. 941Punk

    WIfe's Vs Husband