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    Smoker Recommendations

    We love our Pit Barrel... Never had anything fall off the hooks into the charcoal. It holds a lot of heat, and cooks fast. The owner has a great website which shows you exactly how to hook your meat. You can buy grill inserts, or baskets if you need. Downside is the drum is heavy and akward to...
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    Hallett 400

    Someone needs to buy it at put 3 450's on the back. 80MPH with plenty of room for Lounge seating.
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    [WTB] Nordic cyclone

    Rumor has it the Nordic Team Training Boat (I/O) and a back up Carbon Race Outboard boat are being retired... call the factory ASAP before someone scoops them up.
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    [WTB] Nordic cyclone

    Its all marketing... They are the same thing. They may have built 4 of those that were never race boats, Todd haig's red one, ryan choara's orange one in long beach, a yellow one with a 225 thats in parker, and a white and orange with the lounge that was at the LA Boat show a few years ago...
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    So my wife says..

    Did he have a gold chain and silver chest hair?
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    [WTB] Nordic cyclone

    Good luck... Not in the smart ass way. Just not alot of them around. We had the first one. A few of the owners sons made it out into the public after racing, but most of them were built by ski racers who held onto them. They (Nordic) may even have a retired raceboat laying around at the shop...
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    [WTB] Nordic cyclone

    Not sure who he spoke to, but knowing the ownership, they want to sell anything and everything they can get someone in... Steve the owner's sun just built a beautiful 21 cyclone / crossfire with a 450r... Call for yourself and see what they say
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    Nordic cyclone/crossfire.

    We loved ours... If I was in a different phase of life, I would build a new one with a wrap around lounge, swim steps and a 400 like Steve Davis's new one. Hard to beat it performace wise in a 21. The new Marty wells bottom I think is more of a race boat, has an aggressive back end to it that...
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    Hawaii with a 3-1/2 year or without?

    Nice We're at the Whaler!
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    Hawaii with a 3-1/2 year or without?

    Kaanapali? We have done the xmas/ new years trip every year since i was in diapers and keep it going with my daugher when she was born. best time of the year over there!
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    Blocking Sound Door Bottom Gap - Carpet To Laminent Floors

    I literally gave you the best option besides hanging new doors. Coming from someone who lives breathes and dies DFH but But hey if you want to use a POS off amazon go for it.
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    Blocking Sound Door Bottom Gap - Carpet To Laminent Floors

    $110 is way to much to spend on a $34 Auto Door bottom. Besides the one posted below only has a 1" Drop and you said you needed a 1.5". If you over extend the plunger it will stop retracting properly and not last. Get a Door Shoe like...
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    Want to start racing

    Rules are out dated from when their use to be a whole season to ski each class in. Year 1 Social Year 2 Pro Social Year 3 Novice If you placed in Novice you were encouraged to move into your age group the following year. That use to be the format to encourage new skiers. Hasn't been that way...
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    1988 Hallett 32T Twin GT Performance 556 XR $55K

    It's Box Nixon's from before he had the hustler.
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    Free overhead doors 12’ x 14 high speed

    No worries... We've been in the game for 45 years, if you ever need coverage shoot me a PM
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    Free overhead doors 12’ x 14 high speed

    Who do you buy your hardware from? The part code system looks alot like how we do ours...
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    Anybody know where the to get a ski bag

    3 event bags work great for larger skis'. Radar also makes a duffle style ski bag that fits a larger ski, ropes, jacket ect...
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    Ever seen a Nordic "Blaze?" Super Rare

    Mike had an all orange one set up similar to Pete's with an interior. I don't think he raced it as much as the Bernico or the Wellscrafts. He sold it to someone up north and i believe its on clearlake now.
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    Nordic vs. Eliminator 25' MCOB?

    We have a 2014 Rage and its the perfect family boat. It rides larger than what people on here are saying. Tops out at 74 with a Merc 8.2L/ Bravo. Use it on the Delta, but it was Built to be Randy's play boat on Mead. The one your looking at is a 2006. I would wait to see if you could find a...
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    Monterey Boats,taking 2021 Orders NOW!

    What's a base line for a M45 with a 350? Probably not in the 2020 cards but I will be contacting in 2021!