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  1. zx14

    HOT! This week

    123 Tuesday WTF.
  2. zx14

    Need to re-gear JK

    Anybody have a suggestion where, between Havasu and Goodyear.
  3. zx14

    Windsor North

    Think the state will fix it this week before the 2 next big weekends hit? I’m thinking desert storm 2021 will Be record breaking crowds.
  4. zx14

    Jk re-gear in havasu

    Who is the go to guy in this town?
  5. zx14

    Anybody know this Jeep?

    Its wrapped, was puke green, in Arizona.
  6. zx14

    Launching at Willow

    Anybody drive there and launch, I want to go up there this summer, what’s the lowdown? How early on a weekend do you need to get there to have parking? Cost to park and launch? Any information you might share.
  7. zx14

    Havasu’s Windy

  8. zx14

    [SOLD] 2003 Extreme Triple Axle fits 26’ Daytona $5000.

    Solid trailer per Joe at Adrenaline. Could use bunk carpet on 1 bunk. (Carpet is 4 years old. Always garage stored. Paint is not perfect, it’s original. EOH disc brakes. Bearings always maintained. Has bearing buddies. Tires are good. $5000. In havasu.
  9. zx14

    Who’s got a SCX upper on a SC -2 lower?

    How much oil can you pump into that bitch. I can only get a bit over 3 liters. I put the remainder of the 4th liter in the Resivore. It sucks in a bit more. I’ve changed my oil 4 times now. So I don’t think there is anything wrong. IMCO says it takes 4.5 qts. Maybe with a standard lower?
  10. zx14

    Finally, a Monday without the COVID crowed

  11. zx14

    Daytona Canopy removal.

    So I have given up on the auto meter trim gauge. I’m going with a stainless marine heads up mechanical. But to cut into the top of the dash ,the canopy will need to come off. Anybody done it, it looks like there is some kind of pad between the boat and the canopy where it rides against the...
  12. zx14

    Shoutout to Havasu Auto care.

    I changed out the stock springs on the front of my Raptor to Eibachs, pulled the struts and went to work with my new OEM Brand spring compressors. I chickened out before the stockers even came loose. The allthread portion, deflecting like crazy. I Called 11 shops that all said they couldn’t do...
  13. zx14

    Question for Havasuvians

    Who do you trust in town for a Truck front end alignment after I put taller springs in?
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    Delet thread
  15. zx14

    Foot shower

    There is a really nice blue/white 28’ or so Daytona out front at horizon right now. On the inside of the front port sponson is a little shower head with a push button about a foot higher, I should have grabbed a photo, anyway, anyone know where to get this setup?
  16. zx14

    Replacing mefi3

    Anyone ever do it?, I would like to replace with a Holley efi. I know it will need a new harness, is this like going to all sensors ,gauges,ignition key? Or is there a adapter?
  17. zx14

    [WTS] Shield SMSc 4 moa

    Bought for my Hellcat, don’t like it. $300.00
  18. zx14

    Why can’t Lake Havasu put on events like LOTO?

    Why can’t LHC do races like LOTO? Plenty big, From now till April you could so so many events that crowds and Spencer’s could float this place with money. I don’t know why there are not more boating events? Does the state dictate what can be done? If I was mayor, the coffers would be full. Ok...
  19. zx14

    Off-road shop in Havasu recommendation?

    I want to have the front springs changed out in my Raptor to level it, anyone in town that won’t botch it up.
  20. zx14

    [SOLD] 2016 Yamaha YXZ1000r

    1150 miles, trunk, beadlocks Barrett clutch, great condition. You have to shift these, they have a foot pedal clutch $13500 Havasu