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  1. pull-on

    Anyone currently at the Islander???

    I need a favor. I forgot to shut the water off to my love shack. If anyone is there, can you stop by my site and turn off my water? Big thanks and beers to whoever does it. I'll PM my site number to you. Last time I forgot to do this, the damn hose blew up. They have great water pressure...
  2. pull-on

    The journey of our Hallett 270T

    So, with all this virus crap, and the other Hallett threads, I figured I'd post the journey of our Hallett 270T. As the story goes, we were on Mead and got our asses kicked in our little deck boat. On our drive home, the wife and I were talking about boats and she asked what boats were best...
  3. pull-on

    SOCIAL DISTANCING - and what it means to me

    I've always practiced it. To me, this is what it means to me....... Show me what it means to you.........
  4. pull-on


    Tired of reading threads where it’s all doom and gloom. I come here to get away from that. I try to avoid reading them, but sometimes go down tha rabbit hole. So here’s a couple of vids from last year. My family loves cruising down river at sunset. EDIT—- Some videos aren’t loading. But...
  5. pull-on

    What about Marital Law

    Is what's mine is hers and hers is hers really the law of marriage?
  6. pull-on

    1973 Kurtis 500 Blown V-drive

    Posting this for my buddy..... IF INTERESTED, CONTACT..............BRYAN (714) 336-8393 Call or text. Price is negotiable $20k OBO 1973 Kurtis 500 circle boat. Blown FE390, fresh blower, carbs, and ignition system. Tuned to run on 110 Octane. New plumbing, new battery, new starter...
  7. pull-on

    [SOLD] 1988 Howard River Cruiser

    Posting this for a friend. If interested, contact Bryan (714) 336 8393 21' 1988 blown river cruiser, fresh 540 bbc, fresh drive, huge stereo, boat is ready to go. 1271 blower, dominator carbs, aluminum heads, chiller, all top notch stuff. 1 hour of run time since everything has been gone...
  8. pull-on

    Boat Insurance Question

    Dumped a bunch of $$$$ into my boat and want to up the insurance value. Current policy is based upon stated value. Underwriter is looking for proof of the boats worth (which we all know is subjective) So........do I need a Marine Surveyor or is there a specialized marine appraiser (not NADA)...
  9. pull-on

    Elsinore Sunday 7/28

    Throwing out an invite to anyone who wants to meet up this Sunday and run their boats. La Laguna Resort & Boat Launch. This place is awesome now. Gonna try breakfast at the new restaurant, drop in the flats, then run and hang in the cove. Keep an eye out for our boats. Orange Wickens and...
  10. pull-on

    [WTS] 2012 Chevrolet Suburban

    UPDATE: I never advertised the suburban anywhere else until now, nor have I tried to really sell it.. As of today (12/3/20) we still have it and now has 111,xxx miles on her. That's 5,000 miles in a year and a half since I started this thread. Still looks the same. Still runs great. And...
  11. pull-on

    THE Original Twin Engine Cat??

    Went to the Pomona Swap Meet today and came across this bad ass little boat. The seller bought it and is flipping it. He has never had it in the water. It has twin Mercury's and a full windshield. It's like a mini Skater or DCB. :D The boats overall length is at least 16'. This thing...
  12. pull-on

    Billy B's 25' and Under - Pull-on's Photos

    Let's see if we can get a little V-drive love in here. I reserved a cabin a couple of months back and brought out the family. My boat is far from complete, but doesn't mean I couldn't come out and enjoy the show. The two Wickens pictured were my favorite, but I'm biased...
  13. pull-on

    (WTS) Stock Wheels from 2012 Suburban

    Want to sale my stock suburban wheels. Came off my 2012 burb. Asking $350 for all four, but make an offer. I just want them gone. Greg 909-749-1974 cell
  14. pull-on

    Balboa Island Memorial Weekend

    It's 909 time at Balboa Island. Chillin at my friends place for the day.
  15. pull-on

    909 Starter Kit

    :D. :)
  16. pull-on

    Club Car 48V Electric

    For Sale: Club Car Golf Cart. 48V. Needs batteries. Has some scratches. The corners of the headlight plastics are broken. The seat has a small hole in it. Located in Rancho Cucamonga Asking $1,100.00 or best offer. Greg (909) 749-1974
  17. pull-on

    Spectra 24 vs. Hallett 240

    Does anyone on the boards know if Bud Bailey designed both hulls? Curios to know if these are the same bottoms. (i.e. length, deadrise, etc.) Thanks. Greg
  18. pull-on


    Went to Palm Springs yesterday for my Daughter's school compatition....got a lunch break and hauled ass over to ROC's to try the grub. HOLY SHIT. If you ever have a chance to go. GO! :thumbsup The food is top notch. The service was outstanding. The atmosphere was very cool. Thanks...
  19. pull-on

    Spectra Pictures

    Was going through some old photos of my Pops Spectra. Thought I'd Share. This was Lake Nacimiento. I think in '86. The day he sold it. I think '99. I like this picture. This boat has been around the country. When my folks bought it in '82, we had spent a lot of...
  20. pull-on

    V-Drive Campbell on CL

    Nice little find and a great price for a V-Drive. http://cosprings.craigslist.org/boa/1848791887.html Greg